Saturday, March 17, 2007

blogging 3 days of events in 1

wahahaha.typical me. =D
day 1 - Thursday,15 March

no band took d chance to catch up on kerja khusus.went kl library wit was my 1st time k n i tot it was heaven as so many books were there!went high seeing all those books!kesian farah thru,she had to wait for me as i chose which books i wanted to borrow.

than we went to d muzium.seriously.tht experience was totally lol-able.frm d kl sentral lrt station,we walked thru Hilton than crossed all these were looking at us but we didnt care.all for sejarah folio.met wit hanan n sarah in d muzium.bla bla bla..than by d time we finished we had 2 rush coz farah's tuition started at naik teksi (farah blanje since it was raining) to kl sentral than went to pasar seni where farah ran to her tuition n i stayed back to meet some1.bla bla bla.went to nasional library but not many books read magazines until felt like wanted to slept.went home.


2nd day - Friday,16 March

didnt do anything in the morning.went tuition frm 5.30pm til the time i went home was totally pening.sarah,u missed alot for sejarah.i entered sejarah n juz lol looking at d notes teacher wrote on the board.these were some of the stuff.

wahaha,like my nightmare

aftr getting back home,i rushed like mad to go to pwtc to meet my older sis was involved in this pidato antarabangsa where ppl frm 24 countries (including malaysia) took part in this pidato which was in was kinda funny hearing all these ppl talk bahasa baku.they showed this event in TV1 i think.i wanted to watch but i had band n tuition!haiz.wat 2 do.malaysia got 2nd.1st was russia i think.3rd was korea.i got 2 take a pic wit d korea guy who i found out later was named an min suk.he has a malay name (given by his lecture) which is amin.he is SOOOOOOOOOO tall.or is it im short? =(

yeah,hes wearing bju melayu

we spent d nite at legend hotel.slept at 3am coz promised myself i do some hmwk.semangat rite?

some legend hotel statues


day 3 - Saturday,17 March

woke up very early for a 7.45 was all dressed up for eating breakfast.i totally spoiled myself.all d stuff there was normal but wat made me totally cair was d waffles!!!omg omg ohmigod..d waffles rite,were really thin n crispy.shaped as hearts.u can put honey,maple syrup,whipped cream,some fruits n blueberry jem.i put everything except honey.wah,taste like heaven.=D


ok..done posting.till we meet again.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007



"did u ever get d feeling like u like some1,more than a fren?i mean,i guess u can say u hv a crush on tht certain some1.wat do u do?"

juz shut these feelings away n deny everything?or go for it n tell tht person? hurts.thts y ppl say 'i fall in love'.when u fall,it normally hurts.

n dont u just hate tht ur secretly waiting for tht person 2 cm but denying it when some1 asks?n u get all red n shy when tht person talks or even just looks at u?

dont u juz hate cupid?

dont get d wrong not in love or anything.but this is wat i've been hearing for quite some time frm my friends.rather annoying to tell u d truth.

a penny for ur thought.


Monday, March 12, 2007

saya dibuli =(


juz got back frm 2nd bnd practice during hols.yes,we hv bnd during hols.i was suppost 2 go hm early but coz d seniors x kasi so watever la.

act,i didnt mind tht part.i love dont care la.wat made me feel really sad was tht coz ppl in d section dont really wanna practice.when i want to teach them they give excuses.very stupid excuses too.dunno whether to kick them or cry.haiz.these type of ppl ah..seriously dunno wat 2 do abt them.any little excuse they wld use to skip bnd.stupid excuse also they use.hello,if u r so tired n hv 2 many probs until cannot continue in bnd,then i rather u quit.daripada u cm 4 bnd but not practice.i can cari a pengganti 4 u,dont worry.

then when got senior ask wats d prob n i told them,d seniors go hv a talk wit tht person i think tht person hate me.

another thing i was really pissed off was when we did formation.i noe yl call u ppl to do d marker thing but how long did it take?n when u guys cm back,i had to susun u guys.waste more of my time.than when i put u at ur place,u judge me n say i susun salah.if ur so pandai,go ahead la.i would happily give d paper to u n u susun la 4 every1.

but im also so baik,i juz let them bully me.i was thinking tht i hv no power to scold them as i dont hv any jawatan.i oso dunno wat 2 do already.

to those ppl ah,i dont care abt u.i mean,i will help u if ur willing to bekerjasama wit every1.if u r being such a brat,such a weak person as in sikit2 penat,do urself la.u dont respect me so dont dream i will respect u.juz coz we beza sikit je doesnt mean u can do watever u want.juz wait till u f5 n c how ur junior treat u.i bet 1000 times worse than how u treat me.that baru u rasai wat i went thru.

blah.vy emo now.chao.

Saturday, March 10, 2007



new bloggie.wahaha.i've been wanting to change for awhile now.just got d chance.

changes r good in one's life.we cant stay d same'll b boring.n we'll nvr grow up.

like take arvil.she started as a real tomboy n ended as a girly.abit la.but she took a chance n changed.n now she looks better.blond,but ok la.

nthg else to talk talked abt arvil.lame,i noe.

oh yeah,talent n jo taking part.we hv playing singing.just d tought of it scares me. =(