Monday, June 21, 2010

my 18th birthday :)

i'm finally 18!
yesh!i can FINALLY go watch movies rated 18 and above without having to hide.
:D :D

my birthday was great.
thanks to everyone for the wishes.
you guys are too kind.
went to midvalley with Munira, Khadijah, Nadiah and was an outing just to hang out with old buddies and catch up.
we didn't watch a movie or do anything.
we just walked around.
we were THAT broke.

i was quite surprise to receive gifts for my birthday.
normally people just wish me.
kinda flattered.
you guys make me touched. ;)
this year is the year of the shoes.
its cause i received so many shoes!
i should slap myself as i asked my parents to buy me 2 high heels!
damn whats happening to me?
among the gifts i received are:



nike shoes (it was a bargain!)

a book thong with a card (from Khadijah, Munira and Nadiah)


l-r: khadijah, munira

i also got a Starbuck's Venti new drink (something like Lemon Hibiscus?)
i got it from my former boss ;)

l-r: abang fizi, kak sasha, me, kak muha, ikhwan :D

so that night i was rushing to get back to Shah Alam.
had dinner with my family.
reached Akasia around 10 minutes to 11pm.
when i opened my door, my room mates started singing happy birthday. sweet :D
they even wrote a message for me at the white board at our house.

then i was changing my clothes, i noticed something beside my bag.
it turns out my room mates placed my gift there.
my room mates (Ain, Aqila and Munirah) and Peach gave me a teddy bear :)
now pau2 has a friend.

l-r: ain, aqila, me, munirah, peach :)

thanks everyone for the great day!
love u all!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

life in far

i've been super busy.
with pop quizzes that keep on popping and brain-killer tutorials, its not surprising i go out every week ;)
classes are hectic.
some end as late as 6pm.starts at around 8am.
damn tiring.
have to rush from here to there.
and since sometimes we have a mass lecture (collaborating 2 to 3 classes)
we have to race there or not end up sitting at the back where the tendency to sleep is super high
(i say this out of experience.)

during spare time, if its not sleeping or being online, we do weird stuff.
like room mate did jelly.
honeydew flavor. yum :)

i'm sad to see that even reaching college life, i still meet narrow minded people.
sigh. people just don't change.

i think thats all.
chao :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hee ;)

hello peeps!


am currently in a very cheerful mood. HAHAHA. don't know why.
now i'm in MECL01 (Computer Literacy).
but teacher left us. with the internet.
WAHAHA. through we can't access any social sites, i decided to blog awhile.

class has been fine through sadly, my old school habits have been creeping back.
ee. benci. such habits are like sleeping in class (sorry miss/sir/ustaz)
the subject that always becomes the victim is arab. i'm not being biased...just i get sleepy in arab.
hehehe. ustaz jangan marah, k?

was blogwalking just now and it just occurred to me that everyone is heading their own way.
out path might not even cross again.
its actually kinda sad, once you taken a moment to ponder on it.
i hope i can stand the test of time with you, sayang ;)

will update more.
and pictures shall be uploaded later.