Saturday, December 25, 2010

pembedahan pertama

just had my first 'surgery'.

haritu bio lab, bedah katak.
zaki, nik and i were a group.
at 1st i was really geli.
but got excited. boleh tgk internal organs.
tgk heart die gerak. lungs pun comel je. haha.
hahahaha. i sound creepy.
the katak didnt really smell so it was ok.

 ni yang lecturer potong. kemas kan?

 ni yang kteorg potong. haha. ganas kan?

kawan2 bio lab. 
l-r: hanan, me, shireen

satu benda yang aku dpt bukti dari experiment ni:
orang arab GILE GANAS.
dieorg suruh kteorg potong je tulang katak tu and all.
we didnt want to, sebab kesian.
last2 die yang potongkan tuk kteorg.
thats why our katak kat bahagian 'shoulder' die cam dah rosak.
mamat arab tu potong sampai tulang patah. :/
and that guy amik course medic.
haha. jangan la gi hospital org arab. haha.


btw, this week start exam final.
tlg doakan tuk kejayaan sume org eh? amin :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it has to be you

gosh, i can't listen to this song without being emo+in my own world.

its a song from cinderella stepsister's OST.
It Has to be You by Yesung (Super Junior)

his voice is SUPER awesome and the lyrics are

Today, i wander in my memory
I’m passing around on the end of this way
You’re still holding me tightly, even though i can’t see you any more
I’m losing my way again
I’m praying to the sky
I want see you and hold you more
that i want to see you and hold you more

It can’t be if it’s not you
i can’t be without you
it’s okay if i’m hurt for a day and a year like this
it’s fine even if my heart’s hurts
yes because i’m just in love with you

i cannot send you away one more time
i can’t live without you
it can’t be if it’s not you
i can’t be without you
it’s okay if i’m hurt for a day and a year like this
it’s fine even if my heart’s hurts
yes because i’m just in love with you

my bruised heart
is screaming to me to find you
where are you?
can’t you hear my voice?
to me…
if i live my life again
if i’m born over and over again
i can’t live without you for a day
You’re the one i will keep
you’re the one i will love
i’m…yes because i’m happy enough if i could be with you

haha. chao :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

tag game

ssssssssssssooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy khaty for not replying to this sooner XD

Apakah yang penting dalam hidup anda?

-family and friends
-money (ni tipu la tak penting)
-kpop (HAHAHAHA)

Benda terakhir yang korang beli pakai duit sendiri?

since now i'm living on my own using scholarship money, i buy a lot of household items. random stuff like fruits and veggies. but i guess the most significant item i bought recently is an iTouch 4th gen XD (haven't paid for it yet but my bro already bought it for me!)

Di manakah tempat korang ingin melangsungkan perkahwinan dan
tema perkahwinan korang nanti?

hurm. haha. ni soalan lawak. tak kesah kot. but at some dewan/hotel or something like that la. not doing it at my house. tema? hurm. tah. garden wedding is kinda sweet. tapi i don't think i'm gonna wear baju kebaya or whatever on my wedding. nak pakai wedding gown XD

Adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang?
tgh bercinta dgn cho kyuhyun XD

Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?

am hoping it'll last long XD

Di manakah korang selalu berjumpa kekasih korang?

di internet dan laptop! XD
handphone pun ade gak, mp3 player (dengar suare die)

Novel/buku/majalah terakhir yang korang beli?

HAHAHA. buku utk university. mase starting 1st sem haritu XD
kalau buku novel, i guess 'di atas sejadah cinta'. but that was AGES AGO. i think like maybe 5++ months ago?

Apakah nama penuh korang?

Irisyah Nurfatin binti Ibrahim

Antara mak dan ayah, mana korang lebih mesra?

hurm. some aspects mom, other aspects dad.
i guess, both? :D

Namakan orang yang korang betul-betul nak jumpa dalam hidup korang

like, SERIOUSLY AKU NAK JUMPE KAU. hahahahahaha.

Adakah korang basuh baju sendiri?

YE. haha. thats why my hands are rough. i dont really like washing machine, rase cam tak bersih.
but currently am using this machine more frequently ;)

Pilih salah satu, peluk atau cium?

peluk. seems sweeter XD
also, u can kinda do it with both genders.
and u can kinda do it in public XD

Lima benda yang korang sangat-sangat sayang dalam hidup korang?

i assume this ques is for items and not people so: 

5.twitter? (HAHAHAHAH. i get frequent updates about kpop, whats not to love?)

Lagu yang korang suka dan selalu dengar???

hurm. banyak sgt. currently really into super junior. skg listening to boom boom (from their 4th album, bonamana) and shinee's lucifer (second album,lucifer). ouh, yesung's it has to be you pun best! XD

Bila tarikh lahir korang dan kat mana korang sambut tahun lepas?

last year. jap nak ingat.
tapi tahun ni ingat la.
no celebration pun.
it was a weekend, spend it at home with family.
ouh, and ade makan2 skit with khaty, muni, nonad, aiman.
tu je kot?

6 orang blogger yang korg nak tag:

sesiape yang rajin buat , be my guest :)

shinee pulak?

hehe. saye nak salahkan kawan saye ni yang tlh memperkenalkan SHINee pada saya.
its another korean group.

ok, suke gile lagu lucifer.
haha. seriously addictive.
kalau korg tak gi tgk lagi, PERGI TGK SKG!!!!!!!

haha. ni  pun best gak. mashup bonamana+lucifer

shinee ade 5 members je. so senang sikit nak kenal pasti dari super junior (13 members)

 from top: taemin, minho, jonghyun, onew, key

suke gile pose terakhir dieorg in the video clip. XD

gosh, dieorg ni muda2 gile.
oldest in the group, onew, is 21.
haha. super junior's leeteuk is 28.
hahahahahaha. gosh, i like old men XD

SUJU still num 1 bebeh!

 kyuhyun leading the dance XD
 (random screen cap from bonamana)

chao! XD

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Golden Disc Award (GDA) 2010

nak citer ttg award yang baru berlangsung kat korea baru2 ni (last thursday, 9/12/2010 if i'm not mistaken)

congrats to beloved suju for getting two awards! i know actually u guys could get more tapi xpe la.
korg still daebak! XD

the awards they received were MSN Asean Popularity Award and Disc Bonsang Award.

Asean popularity award is to show which artist is the most popular in Asean countries. fans from asean countries could vote online. i voted XD

Daesang is the award of best song, artist of the year. It's the most important award out of the whole year representing popularity, best song etc. Bonsang is a rank lower than daesang. So i guess you can say that if daesang is the gold then bonsang is the silver. The winners of the Bonsang will then 'compete' among themselves to see who is the winner for Daesang (credit to

SJ won daesang award last year. but i guess it wasnt their luck to win it again this year. there were alot of speculations. anyhow, to SJ fans SJ is still number one.

i was watching the GDA video clips at youtube and there was one where the SJ fans were saying sorry to SJ cause SJ didnt win and SJ said sorry to the fans too. i kinda got touched by that. i mean, they really want to win for their fans and the fans really want to see their idols win. gosh. so much love.

there was also a video showing heechul comforting leeteuk, SJ's leader. i guess he really wanted SJ to win daesang again since he's going to the army next year. read more here.

ouh yeah, u should also go watch their performance at GDA. remix version of sorry sorry and bonamana. daebak! XD

Thursday, December 9, 2010

obssessed much?

firstly, saye nak ucapkan thanks kepada rakan2 seperjuangan.
korang memang hebat.
terima kasih kerana telah berusaha dengan kuat!

ok, i know. i'm taking crap.
haha. my nights are now filled with laughter.
sebab malam2 tengok super junior variety shows.
dapat pun dari kawan yang same geng.
memang seronok la.

this is my suju's tv shows.
as u can see in the circle, i'll be quite busy for now XD

 i think i have all their songs. :D

saje letak gambar suju. 
i have their video clips too XD

k. i'll shut up now.
bye! :D

awal muharam+winter


baru lepas awal muharam. new year according to islamic calendar.
thinking back, alot of things has happened in this year.
my first time working, my spm results, my first time interviewed (for scholarship)...
my first time entering university, my first time living overseas without my family.

hurm, pondering back, i can say that i was happy with what i accomplished this year.
of course, there were some bad times. but overall, it was a blessed year.
i thank Allah the Merciful for his blessings. not to forget family, friends, teachers etc that had helped to make my year a great one. you rock! XD

now its winter in irbid, jordan.
so i just wanted to show some pictures of winter.
kat sini winter tak macam kat European countries like UK where u have snow thats so thick.
sini tak de snow pun.
on average, everyday will be around 10-15 degrees celcius.
not bad, eh?
haha. not too cold, but u can feel its winter.

 on the left are my boots. on the right are my slippers for home (its a cow!)
 this is hiram/hirom (dunno the correct spelling).
its a thick blanket used during winter.
kalau tidur bawah hiram memang rase tak nak bangun la.

 lol. my hiram's corak. the arabic word is 'uhibbak' which means i love u. haha.

otw to uni. ignore the pose. haha. 
kalau gi uni pagi2 cakap kuar kepul2 vapour. XD

tu je.