Wednesday, April 28, 2010

majlis anugerah cemerlang

boria bakerara! miss you guys :'(

l-r :norisah, murni, me, sofya, dewi

debate team! l-r: faradi, moony, hanna, me, syaz
PAP! l-r: me, murni, wani

hello. :)

came late to the event, as usual.
went missing when everyone else has lined up outside the hall, as usual.
had the whole school searching for me, as usual.
got called grandma by ms. vas and witnessed by everyone , AS USUAL.
sounds like a normal day at school.

pictures taken by the superb Yana, thanks babe! ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

privacy..ever heard of it?

certain things REALLY annoy me.
i mean, is it just me, or is it wrong to NOT want to share everything with everyone?
i think that its really wrong if u want to read peoples' msgs behind their backs n tell their secrets to everyone.
i mean, get your own life.
i didn't bother yours.
therefore,u don't have any right to bother mine.

mp3 players are the best inventions ever.
they allow u to choose what u want to hear.

Monday, April 5, 2010

my JPA interview experience

on the day of interview, with munira :)

i shall now be blogging on my interview experience as everyone is asking me how it was via sms n i'm lazy to type.

my interview was on the 5th of April, 8.00am at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC). i reached there around 15 minutes to 8. the place was packed with parents and of course, other candidates. i saw people gathering around some board and when i reached there, it turns out the board tells you which panel you will be in. i was in panel 10. met a few familiar faces such as munira, nawal and amirah nurhani.

around 8.15am, we headed for our interview rooms. there, we all headed to our respected rooms (according to the panel your assigned to) and were asked to sign a form to confirm our attendance.each panel gets around 15 candidates.

jpa conducts their interview in groups. in my panel, i was in the 2nd group. each group consist of 5 people. after waiting, around 10.15am, my group was called to enter to meet the panel. the interview starts!

after greeting the panel, we were asked to introduce ourselves in malay. we were asked to include where we were from, family background and what we did in our previous school.

later on,the questions begin. all my questions were asked in english. everyone in my group has chosen medic as their course except me, who has chosen dentistry. so i was always the last to answer.

first question:

what have you learned when going to the 'pendedahan kerjaya sebagai doktor'?
but, since i didn't go, i got a different question.

What have you learned in the life of a dentist?

i was like, omg what to answer?
so this was all i could have thought at that moment:

"To me, the life of a dentist is not easy. People always assume that its easier to learn dentistry in university than medicine. Well, in fact, thats a wrong assumption as people taking dentistry have to learn the same thing as people taking medic. we have to learn the human anatomy and everything else too. the difference is, we pay more attention towards the mouth and neck area. dentist help people in different ways compared to doctors. for example, when someone has something wrong with their teeth, it will affect their verbal communication in which will affect their self confidence. if u go see a doctor,they might not be able to return your self confidence, but maybe a dentist can. so a dentist is helping people, but in a slightly different way than a doctor."


second question:

If you become a doctor and was sent to the rural areas, would you go?

hahahahahahha. this is like a question where you know everyone will lie and say yes.haha. so my answer was:

"of course i would go. i believe that everyone has the right to get good health especially those in the rural area. they don't really take care of their health as they normally have low income. so they are the ones who should be getting the good doctors and latest technology so that not only city people are healthy."

third question:

why should we give you the scholarship?

i crapped at this. i said something about not really having a lot of money as my parents are both old and my dad is retired. to reduce financial burden. to study dentistry is not cheap. if i was given the scholarship, i don't have to think about money and can pay attention to my studies and will be able to return and SERVE MY COUNTRY.

ahem ahem.

well,overall i think my interview was so-so. it wasn't marvelous, but i don't think it was THAT bad. will have to wait and see. will tell what happens. :)

pray for me!