Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ppm in a few hours.gulp.

hello =)
now its 11.36am, 28/5/09
a few more hours and we'll b on our way 2 sekolah seri puteri 4 hksbp.
im going 4 debate.
ms v, our teacher, came 2 c us.
she said kte awl2 dh xde confidence in ourselves.
we look down towards ourself.
she jz told us 2 speak more confidently.
that we have potential,that we can go far.
hari tu mase we went for help institute pun she said tht.
in our 1st round,we weren't really confident cause d opposing team looked REALLY confident with themselves.
she said she wanted to slap us when we looked so scared towards them.
oh well.she called us small mouses.
and guess wat,we won tht round.
actually,we won til octo-finals.
nk bwt cm ne?

i do admit,being a 1st speaker for the team,
i hold d responsibility of introducing the team.
i ll be the 1st impression of the team.
well..normally i don't really do a good job at tht.
i cn gv my points, tapi sometimes i gt abit scared.
biase la kan.
oh well.
will try my best to improve!
nak jdi speaker yg gempak.
by the end of the day, i just want to gv my all.
want to noe tht i've done my best,no matter wat d outcome is.
dah la it'll be my last hksbp for my school year.
no regrets,aite?

alot of people have been suggesting that i continue debate til university.
hurm.thats up for consideration.
i missed out on alot of other things that i like because of debate.
maybe i want to try something new at uni.
but i noe debate will still be apart of me.
and even tho byk gle probs i had to go through wit debate,i can say it was worth it.
i grown up to become a more mature thinker, i learn social skills which is vital for my future, and i've also learn the importance on working as a team.
not to forget all the extra info i've obtained.
like on euthanasia (the taking of someone's life when that person is critically ill) which was one of my debate topics.
heck, i've nvr evn heard of d word euthanasia before i had that debate.
well,we learn new things evyday kan?

even tho it hurt alot,i ll noe that these moments will be the things i ponder and dearly miss at the end.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

gosh sory 4 d no update

its alive!
suddenly felt like updating.

nw is teachers' day celebration at school.
debate team nt joining. biase la.
will be leaving 4 hksbp 2mrw!
preperation wise..hurm.
high expectations r placed on us.
dh la lwn sdar,sains machang n stj.
oh tidak!
going against sdar 4 the theme of sports.
3 guys against 3 girls debating on sports.
u cn most probably expect d outcome.
thru im staying positive.for now.

mid year xms r ovr.
did....ok kot.
i hpe.
results xdpt lgi.

rindu org yg dikasihi.

will update in anthr year.