Tuesday, September 4, 2007

does ur name fit u?

does ur name fit u?

I: Love to laugh
R: Can kick your butt
I: Love to laugh
S: Lives life for fun
Y: Loved by everybody
H: Easy to fall in love with

B: Loves to make people laugh
C: Really easy to fall in love with
D: Is a great dancer
E: Have beautiful eyes
F: People wild and crazy adore you
G: Dont let people tell you what to do
H: Easy to fall in love with
I: Love to laugh
J: Easy to have fun with
K: Really silly
L: One of the most romantic people youknow
M: Makes dating fun
N: Good bf/gf
O: Really easy to fall in love with
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A hypocrite
R: Can kick your butt
S: Lives life for fun
T: Great Kisser
U: Gets blamed for everything
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Loved by everybody
Z: Lives life for fun

i shud b studying.
some1 faster slap me.
chao chao.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

so long x blog

it feels so long since last time update.
nthg much happen.

merdeka has past.
watched band on tv.
gempak la!
ashee n ling sue msk tv.
they played wawasan 2020,keranamu msia n tanggal 31.
when evy1 wear tht ugly baju rite,baru look nice.

i went to dataran on merdeka nite.
my dad ajak.
to see d lights.
vy pretty. =D
tpi rempit je kt situ.

oh,i went to pesta flora!
at putrajaya.
vy long time ago la.
bt bru nk post.
the arrangements of the flowers r vy interesting.
they arrange 2 make baju la..etc.

u noe wt i've been doin?
listening to s.h.e.
over n over again.
bt i hv no idea wt d hell they singing la.
cz they sing in chinese.
if u duno,they're a taiwanese group.
i like ella!!
she raps.
n d way she talks..her voice..omg.
oh n i like her hair!
i sound like wt je.

do u noe tht pmr s in another month?
n im freakin relax.
some1 shud slap me.
oh n guess wt.
yday went to this seminar motivasi.
at 8.30pm like tht start.
until 11.30pm like tht.
d ceramah nt bad la.
they tell u hw 2 study correctly.
bt i think its 2 late dy.
skrg aku dh tenat bru nk bgi ceramah.
nyway,at arnd 1.40am bru i sleep.
n u noe wt time kna bgn d nxt day?
had 2 pray at 4.30am.
than by 6.30am gt ceramah pulak.
dh la masa sembahyang pun i dh strt 2 sleep.
mase ceramah lagi la.
terus tido.
selambe gile.
bt at least i pura2 2 hear la.
bdk laki lgi best.
kuar dewan than sleep outside.
some girls plak gi buat lawatan sambil belajar.
at least me n my adik tido in d dewan.
haha.best kn?
yela..sape nk dgr ceramah pagi2?
biar dia bebel sorang2

and when i gt bck frm d thing,it ws 7.45am like tht.
terus tido.
i hd 2sen at 8.30am.
bt i plan to skip.
bt of coz la my mom x kasi kn.
mmg i x bgn langsung when she gerak.
bt she noe my weakness.
"kau x bgn skrg,jgn harap aku nk kasi kau gi band"
terus bgn.
x basuh muke pun.
yg bodoh nye..bila gi 2sen,ckg xde.
so wt did i do?
lepak dgn bdk laki.
i ws d only girl.

gt international tattoo.
2day strt.if nt mistaken.
at nite la.
at stadium merdeka.
if gt bnd wna go la.

oh lupe nk citer.
masa raptai merdeka (wed) i gi.
as a helper.dgn sara.
my 1st n last time jdi helper.
mcm ape je jdi helper.
me n sara dh insaf.
2 long if i wna citer evythg.
bt d most benggang part ws when teacher left me n sara.
wt a sick junior.
ckg mcm ape je.
1st,miss S left us n said pn N akn jaga us n d kid.
d kid s a f1 girl.duno y suddenly gt sick.
so v cldnt go stadium merdeka n watch bnd.
instead v had 2 stay in stadium negara jaga bag.
sabar je la.
than whn pn N dtg,dia senang2 je ask us 2 stay while she goes 4 band.
i jz takut if suddenly d junior gt asma or watever,ape sara n i r goin 2 do?
ckg x fikir lgsung.
bt lastly me n sara n d sick girl gi gak stadium.
sbb diaorg xcukup air.
dh la i jatuh tangga.
n ws saved by one of these dancers.
tau x skrg kaki saye lebam?

act my main point of blogging s to say yg im gna stop blogging 4 awhile.
until aftr pmr la.
than party!!!!!
jgn harap nk duk rumah.
keje gi band je aftr pmr.
bahagia sial.
bdk pmr merdeka dulu bru bdk spm!!
poyo gler.

k la.