Saturday, July 21, 2007

feels weird..

last friday (20/07)
was d official last day of d f5 this year..
felt like crying..
i mean...
they r d 1st senior batch tht i was kinda close too..
n it feels weird thinking tht they wont b here next year...
doing formation n practicing 2gthr..
wah..bnd witout yiling n her gang...
doesnt feel like band..
but wat 2 do rite..

ira is d new president..
i agree wit d result of tht..
if she can tingkatkan prestasi cg,4 sure she can tingkatkn bnd oso..
merdeka will b her last time 2 perform as cg..
coz she will b dm..
oh n she said "i hope we can work 2gthr 4 band comp 2008"
yes..definitely i will work hard 4 tht..
but i wont play cg..will b playing euph..
coz i hv a vision 2 mantapkn d brass section..
so i want 2b apart of d brass section 4 bnd comp 08..
lagi pun if i entr bnd comp nxt year,it will b my 1st time coz
f1-wasnt in bnd yet
f2-cg x entr bnd comp
f3-cbnb didnt take part
so i will work freakin hard 4 nxt year..

im not entring merdeka..
i made a deal wit my parents..
d deal is
mom:u dont entr merdeka
dad:aftr pmr,u may go 2 bnd
me:i dont care,aftr pmr,evn during puasa i will go 2 bnd.dont harapkn me 2 blk kg if there is bnd.if bnd got nite prac or watever,im goin
dad:aiya,u sleep in d band room oso i dont care long as its aftr pmr

they sudah setuju..
so do expect me 2 cm 4 all pracs..
except if i fall sick..
man..i cant wait 4 bnd season..

i saw asma at youtube ady..
sis:y guys wear purple?so pondan-ish
me:this is asma k..
sis:like omg THEY ARE GIRLS?cm lets join their school

then my sis ask a really gud ques..
sis:*sigh*when is cbn gonna entr nat comp n b mantap like tht?
i didnt evn try 2 answer tht..

yesterday was cg audition..
nw i noe hw our last time instructor felt..
like terseksa man..
7 were chosen..
my sis,sadly,wasnt 1 of them..
i told her 2 work hard n improve her studies so tht nxt year she can entr..

ok..nw abt something thts nt band..
i juz found out tht animals get period 2..
fren:my puppy got period yesterday..
fren:u duno animals cn period oso?
me:duno la.i pernah had a pet fish do they like wear a special pad?
fren:WAHAHAHAHA....-_-....dong,they lick it k.. recycle..
fren:*thinks 4 awhile*...WAHAHAHA..irisyah,u do not fail 2 amuse me everytime..

i think im gona google abt it..if got tyme la..

transformers if freaking gempak!!!
better than harry potter 10000000000000000 times..
me heart bumblebee.
alala.hes so cute.

k.better stop crapping nw.
till i find something amusing to crap abt.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

harry potter was a drag.
i meant d movie.
my fren fell asleep during d movie.
n whenever me n my sis saw 'he hu shall not b named', we laugh man.
i duno y but it seems like potter lost his touch.
coming frm me hu's a potter fan.

trials in less than 2 weeks.
i seriously will suffer.
n i wna join merdeka.
thats like asking to get killed.
but i cant join.
im not ready 4 pmr.
lain la if im like a total smarty pants than i wld enter merdeka n christine wont be so tension.

y do i hv 2 get my hopes wayyyyyy high?
it hurts like mad when i fall.

boo hoo hoo.
was caught looking at a book during agama test.
d teacher was like 'u think i cannot c ke?'
it shows im so not prepared 4 pmr.

i miss heroes.
my sylar.
n peter *hot* petrelli. =D

u noe wat..
i found out when i get tension,
i talk ultra fast n not 2 mention its complete rubbish.
n d mangsa 2 hear me crap is always savi.

jo bullies me.
i bully her too.
we like had 2 do a survey 2day abt bully,
n d 1st ques was 'how many times did u call ur friend a name? (in this past week)'
tht ques was seriously dong-ish.
jo was like 'u better answer more than 5 times.'
so i did.
tht person 4sure think im a bullier or something.

oh.n i juz want 2 say :
WATEVER PEOPLE SAY I AM,THATS WAT IM NOT. *quoted frm arctic monkeys*


Friday, July 6, 2007


didnt on9 4 sometime.
was too lazy.
n nthg much happened.

be4 tht went to cheer didnt win.

rowena said xavier this year drop like mad.num 14.be4 this the lowest num they got was num 5.

d wind orchestra was nice.d songs were agak berjela-jela but nvm la.d conductors were damn smart.oh n d lower brass.priceless.if we hv tht type of players in lower brass we ll b damn mantap.

1st place n best conductor was sultan alam shah. ahem ahem ahem.

comel la diaorg.

k la.duno wat 2 write ady.


i sound dead la.

mayb coz of d stupid trials in a few weeks.