Tuesday, November 27, 2007

report frm camp


on sat (24/11) i went to camp.
they did it at plkn (khidmat ngr) paya indah wetland..
which s near putrajaya..n a pusat serenti..
seriously my parents thnk i hv a prob w studying.n my akhlak.
akhlak is like ur attitude.
i guess i do hv a prob wit tht.
bt 2 tel u d truth,i thnk i didnt gt nytg frm it.
except i nw noe i cn shower n dress up in 5 mins
plus 100++ nyamuk gigit.
n sum frens tht i probably wont meet again.
act d plkn place s nt bad la.
i mean i think its ok if u gt it.
i mean,masa bile lgi u gt 2 play flying fox n slip w ur frens 4 3 months?

nyway,hari ni ade bnd.
i finally noe hw 2 breathe correctly.
yay.yasmin kasi main marching euph.
its easier 2 play wit,bt harder 2 carry.
after marching w instrument,my tgn shaking.

i wna watch golden compass.
bt no money!!!!!
spent all money goin out w ling sue.
sob sob.
bored la duduk kt rumah.

starting dec i ll b starting swimming classes.
at sri inai.
i hv finished reading f4 literature!!
yay yay.
bukit kepong hvnt strt.
i dont evn wna strt it.
looks complicated.
i counted all d subjects im taking nxt year.
sob sob sob
bm bi m3 +m3 bio chem physics agm sej akauns est tasawwur
my dad wants me to take tasawwur islam.
iuno if im taking est anot.
mcm x nk je.
n akauns oso x sure yet.
since i wna be a doctor, i hv 2 take bio n all.
ee yer..
hv 2 study like mad.
i bru wna make my f4 year a honeymoon year.
hancur harapan ku.


S.H.E. COMING 2 MSIA!!!!!!!!!!!
1 dec is their concert
at stadium merdeka.
s.h.e. is a girl group frm taiwan.
d group's name stands for their name selina hebe ella.
ella is my fav.
omg she is so dasyat i mean she sings in evy song n she raps n her hair so cun n she acts n she..she..
heheh.i get carried away sometimes.

nyway im nt goin..
tickets freaking mahal plus i hv no idea wt their singing abt as they sing in chinese.
bt she so cute man..
i shall go nw 4 i thnk i hv crap long enuf.
till we meet again,dear frens!
sorry 4 d gay-ness.
looking at ella makes me hyper.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a 2 million car


i was watching a story called beyong 2mr,n some car company has created a car designed by these teens hu won a contest.
the company wanted 2 create a car 4 d future so they chose teens 2 design it n ask them wt they wanted.
the car s pretty cool.
it doesnt use a key,but some smart card tht only d owner cn use.once u enter d car n put d key card in,d car will straight away do evythg tht suits u such as d sitting position,radio station etc.u cn program it.
theres also a screen where u cn chat wit ur frens hu also hv d same car model.
d car also noes if ur a new or experienced driver.
it also will noe d speed limit at tht current place ur at.
so it will straight away put a limit so it wont let u go past d limit la.
its kinda cool.it cost 2 million.haha.
mayb it ll b cheaper in d future.

am vy bored nw.
at sch 2dy d spm candidates gt pencils n calendar frm d sch.
i rly didnt do nytg 2dy.
help my teacher do d borang 001,which is a form where i hv 2 fill in d marks.
am getting used 2 doing teachers work.she shud pay me.hehe.
d borang also has a section where u hv 2 fill d hobby n ambition of d students.
i had fun wit tht.
i put hobbies tht i noe they dont do.
like fishing,sewing..i ws gna put somethg bad like melepak but later i scrd teacher marah.
n d ambition part...hahaha.
i put petani,penyanyi..

aftr recess seriously didnt noe wt 2 do.
i found some f4 text books.
est is weird.
i read d text book n inside gt stuff like spyware...
d size of d virus vs d size of a bacterium

thn read bukit kepong.
i only managed 2 read d 1st page.
than sleep.
than wake up n looked at my maths hmwk.
serious shit i 4gt hw 2 do dy.
i ws looking at d ques n im like 'which form did i learn this?'
gud thg x throw away my books yet.
than berjalan-jalan.
saw d f5s taking pic.
yi ling s so creative.
i mean,hw she take pic.
i had a nice time looking at her take pic.

thn stared at d wall.
thn blk!
bt guess wt,my adik left me.
i met her at d canteen,n ws gna blk whn she said
'goin 2 swim wit my frens.thn goin klcc.u blk 1st'
like wt je.
if i knew i wld hv made plans myself.
n she said she ll blk at 5,at last blk at almost 8.
x kena marah pun.
whn i blk at 7 my parents so marah 1.

theres this cool website called how stuff works.
i learn alot of thgs.
like y we fall in love.
n asal usul vampire.
n hw d brain works.
n y we cant make water.
did u noe tht we fall in love 2 ensure our population continues?
at 1st i ws like kinda shocked bt there is logic 2 it.
i mean, if we dont hv interest in d opposite sex,therefor we wont fall in love.
thn 4 sure la if we dont fall in love,thn we wont do nytg wit them.
so humans also die out la.
kinda interestin rly.
oh n i learn d chemical reactions tht take place in d body whn we're in love.
our body s way complex.
d url is http://howstuffworks.com
my sc teacher introduced it 2 me.

k la.
im gna read on panic rooms nw.
c ya.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

days aftr pmr in 1 post (this is so me)

so long x blog.

fin pmr dy.
i feel like a bird.
bebas dy.
pity d f5 n upper 6
spm n stpm..
do ur best..

so many thgs happen.

on d last day of pmr..
d last paper fin at 9 somethg..
thn some frens n i went roller blading..
ling sue teach me once je thn i help her to teach d rest..
omg so byk kali jatuh..
but tht time x rasa sakit..
iuno y..
mayb cz i wasnt caring abt d pain..
just wanted 2 hv fun..
bt d next day aftr i woke up..
i rmbr it took me some time 2 get up..
n had to walk rly slow..

thn i rmbr had to stil go 2 sch aftr pmr cz gt robotics..
n u think i ll ponteng gile2 la..
thn pn selvi put my name in debate..
our motion was "single session sch is better thn double session sch"
jo,pepe n i were on d opposition side..
d teacher say v got alot of points compared to our oppponents..
bt our opponents delivered their points better..
so they won..
act rite,v dowan win pun..
too malas to go finals..
our motto on tht day ws to 'speak to lose'

thn we had class jamuan.
on 5/11.
as my lovely classmates x bayar yuran pun..
so i suggested to d teacher tht v buy our own food at d canteen n eat there je la.
bt she felt sory 4 us.
so she cook pasta 4 us.
so baik la.
i rmbr bein vy mls to party at 1st n i ws jz planning 2 sleep aftr i eat bt than d chinese gang make me freaking mabuk n i cldnt stop laughing.
haih.un-becoming of a cbner.

siva bersara 2dy.
siva.d siva tht ws in cbn 4 17 years.
d siva tht had such an aura tht only us cbners felt.
she ws evn in sch whn my kakak ws in sch.
wil miss her.
she tegur me whn i ws walking n drinking at d same time.
"ketua tingkatan some more.is this hw u become a cth 2 ur classmates?"
i ws gna reply "my classmates bully me n c me as a maid" whn another teacher cm 2 talk 2 her.
oh she also tegur me whn i lost rm50.
my fren gave it to me to gv 2 teacher bt i went bnd n totally 4gt abt d money.
i jz put it undr d desk.
when i cm bck d envelope tht d money ws suppost 2 b in ws empty.
cldnt do a spotcheck as tht time blk dy.
oh n i byk kali entr office n she wld ask me to take a file 4 her undr her table or d lowest drawer.she mls wna tunduk.
haih.gt kenangan.
n act d longer i see her face,d more i thnk tht shes kinda pretty.

nyway bnd play d song 4 her.
act only 1 song,bt repeat 1000 times.
i mean frm d strt of her saying bye 2 teachers (all teachers,pagi n ptg..u do d counting) till she naik car n wave.
i x sempat say bb 2 her pun.
4sure she ll come bck.
cbn cnt,i mean wont,survive witout her.
i play byk wrong note..n got 1 time tersesat.
we were playing thn suddenly melody stopped.
base n perc je main.
thn we stop.
ashee ws like sape suro stop?
fara pulak say she penat.
so had 2 strt all ovr again.
like wt je kn?

they say nxt year hanizah (pk 1) will bersara.
iuno abt tht la.
bt confirm whn im f5 ann khoo will say bye.
btw nancy s taking siva's job.
like x sesuai je.
i wld rather like choo 2 take.
bt they ikut kedudukan pangkat.
norrizan nk dkt bersara,see tho pindah..
so left nancy je.
nancy doesnt sound like a disiplin teacher.
sounds more like a nanny.
d type tht wld cook u cookies n read u story books before u sleep.
n knit sweaters 4 u.
im watching 2 much drama.

fin reading harry potter 7 dy.
2 much dying.
plot not bad la.
i dont undrstnd y potter chose ginny.
i rather choose luna.
bt my fave s still prisoner of azkaban.
i love dementors.

congrats 2 hanan (naik pangkat) n sara.
may u hv happy times being org gaji.slash tht.u dont evn get gaji.

k la.
my tgn pain dy.
n i thnk my post s long enuf 2 last a few weeks.
til i write again.