Saturday, August 28, 2010

am so sorry...

...for not updating! HAHAHA. i get super semangat then the semangat just leaves.
well, guess what? i've finished my middle east program!
haha, padahal dulu niat nak update blog if ade ape2.
ouh well. (as if people read my blog)

important events so far:


this is sukan antara program (like MEP, A-Level, Ausmat etc)
we got num 3! yeah! sorry i didn't really contribute but i supported MEP! (isn't that the most important thing? :D)

aladdin, the mascot :)

budak2 KTJ (kumpulan teknikal jepun) yg comel :)

2. MEP grand dinner

HAHAHHAHA. oke. first time i wore a selendang like that.
felt bald, to tell u the truth. x biase. haha. thats why malam tu asyik pegang kepala je. lol. everyone was pretty and handsome that night, padahal mase mule2 sume cam x semangat. haha.

l-r: wawa, meng, mone, irisy, fadh, fiqah, bibb :)

bald! boleh nmpk muke derita :/

with the king of the night, amzar

3. JPA bagi duit $.$

yeah, another important event! now saye boleh shopping sakan atas pertolongan JPA n rakyat2 msia yg dikasihi. :D btw did u guys notice its almost merdeka? i think everyone sibuk fikir nak raye je! (nak buat cam mane, gi shopping complex je dengar lagu2 raye, bukan lagu merdeka or most importantly, lagu2 puase)

aksi2 sebelum dpt duit

ka-ching! :)

so far i've bought a nike shoe and some clothes. hurm, am thinking if i should buy a new phone ke x. any suggestions?

my new baby :)

4. ouh, and finally...

...i got my license! :D through i really suck at driving. hehe.

since i've finished my program, i wouldn't be seeing my classmate til at the airport. am already missing lawak2 korg sume! :( dah la nnt x sure same class ke x. ouh well, am hoping for the best.

MEJ sitteh! we rock XD

btw, credits to Bay for the Inpro pics.
haha, can't believe i compiled all those events in one post. lol.
chao! :)