Thursday, October 28, 2010


i've seen this car for quite some time.
it's parked near mujamma' sheikh khalil (bus stop to JUST).
and everytime i see it, makes me miss Malaysia.
ade juga la rase bangga menjadi rakyat kepada negara yang mampu mengeluarkan kereta buatan sendiri :D
tu je.

ps: yang dalam bulatan adalah kami, pelajar tahun satu JUST yang semangat ke Jamiah (university)! :D

chao! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

how to be a good man to your woman


through i lack experience in this field, i just want to give my opinion on what women secretly wish their men would do for them.
this is based on what i see in dramas, what i hear from friends and families and of course, personal feelings :D
the sequence is not according to order :)

Defend and stand up for his girl

common sense, of course guys would want to defend his girl, but it needs courage. and gut.

Know how to control ego

I think this is a huge problem nowadays. Ego always gets in the way. I mean, I know you can't get rid of it, but just lessen it, maybe? You don't want your beautiful relationship go to waste just cause your ego is too big.

Don't act macho all the time

OMG, I think guys don't realize this but they look super cute when they're shy! Macho is good, but show other feelings as well :D

Know when to say sorry

Which girl doesn't love a guy whose manly enough to admit he's wrong and say sorry?


In general, loyalty is important in every relationship. But when a guy can stay loyal to his girl, its really touching :D

Take care of his wife

For married guys, it'll be so sweet if he would take care of his wife when she's sick. I mean, I've realized in almost all the korean dramas I've watched, there's always a scene where the guy will take care of the girl. And girls will always wish their future/current husband would do that for them :D

Help the wife

THIS IS A MUST especially if the wife is also working or has children. The wife might not complain, and the husband will feel it is his wife's job to do chores and take care of the child, but once in a while, help your wife. Lessen her burden :D

Listen to your girl

Some guys feel that its not cool to listen to your girl. But just remember this, the girl cares for you and wants whats best for you. So try to listen to her once in a while.


Alright, not everyone was born with good looks, but that'll disappear over time. Style lasts. So be stylish for your girlfriend/wife. It'll make the girl feel appreciated when you want her to see the best of you, in all ways :)

the guy in the pictures above is Jeon Jin Ho acted by the lovely Lee Min Ho from the korean drama Personal Taste :D

kalau ade silap, harap maaf XD

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

musim syita'+personal taste, anyone?

hurm, nampaknye ramai yang dah mule risau tentang berat mereka.
yang bestnye, senior2 pun memberi kata2 semangat.
"ala, kalau 1st year naik 10kg x mengejutkan."
haha. well, i think kalau kawan2 ku risau sangat untuk musim syita' ni, jom menari nak?
sila tekan sini :)

alright, am kinda addicted to tv shows right now.
i blame it on boarding school which restricted my freedom to watch these stories.
now am currently obsessed with korean dramas.
dulu kalau orang sebut korean drama, i'll be like "best sangat ke?"
answer: yup, memang best :D

 lee min ho, hero cerite Personal Taste
mana nak cari mamat yang still stylo+macho when crying for the girl he loves too much?

itu saje. sekian.
chao! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

random stuff at Jordan


am so sorry for not updating.
i'm not really in the mood to write about Jordan, but I'm just going to post some random pics I took. :D

1. Jerash

a historical place in Jordan. I think it was from the Roman ages.

seniors who accompanied us :D

2. Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)

North Hall

kami bakal dentist, insyaAllah :)
l-r (back row): afiqah, wawa, peach, meng, nadiah, bibb
l-r (front): ain, me, munirah

3. Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS) and Raya PERMAI 2010

MHS is a program for students that have just arrived to Jordan. PERMAI stands for Persatuan Mahasiswa Irbid.

President Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Malaysia Jordan (MPPMJ) sedang berucap

President PERMAI sedang berucap

salam raya dari Irbid :)
l-r (standing): echah, bay, ain, nadiah, aimi, bibb
l-r (front row): me, munirah, meng, fatini

sunset di Irbid.
kat sini pukul 6.50pm dah macam pukul 7.30pm kt Malaysia :/

ice cream di Irbid :D
l-r: me, munirah, ain
kat sini ice cream banyak and the taste is a bit different.
more milky.

random pic of a signboard

people still use cassettes in the 21st century!
found this at the JUST mosque

what i eat almost everyday at JUST.
its actually fries put in a hotdog bun. sedap :D
but SO fattening :(

till we meet again, chao!
wasalam :)