Thursday, December 20, 2007

new year resolution


my cousin cm to my hse 4 raye.
n she has a son tht jz passed his spm.
so my bro,hu works in d ministry of education said tht
est will nt b in d syllabus soon.
he said tht mayb they're gna replace with sm space stuff. is interesting n all bt me no likey.
joanne likes it thru.gud 4 her la.
my bro is working rly hard 2 send me 2 these schools..
seri putri at putrajaya or integrasi gombak at.. well gombak la.
i want asma bt he said asma is an elit school 4 kedah ppl so normally they take kedah ppl oly.
this is like so sad.
kedah is like my kg.sob sob.
nyway,if i get 8as most probably nt staying cbn.
i ll cm 4 bnd comp n sports day .
if cn la.
seri putri gt bnd bt concert oly.
i think rite if i do enter a new school n i enter their band,
i wna play perc la.dowan 2 play tiup2 instrument dy.
gt breathing probs.

its nt far frm d new year.
normally evy year aftr hari membina azam sm teacher will force us to do some azam 4 d year.
normally d azam we do is kinda fake cz we have 2 read infront of class.
"be a gud anak,get gud result,be gud student..blah blah"
my azam ws 2 make m'sia a cleaner country n world peace.
i tot this year i wanted 2 do it earlier la.
i've been thinking alot abt wt were d thgs i did wrong in d past.
like whn in f2,bnd fin at 4pm.
so aftr recess masuk class.
sume bdk bnd kinda sit in d back except me.
so they all tido je bt i had 2 pura2 listen 2 teacher.
thn i cldnt tahan so i ask my fren 2 wake me up if lets say smtg happen.
aftr sm time i felt kinda guilty.
so i appologize 2 my teacher.
she ws so kind.
"ala ckg tau irisyah penat.nvm la."
n 2 thnk tht she wld ask me 2 lari padang or smtg.
im such a teachers' pet. =D

my azam 4 nxt year is to study atleast an hour a day.
nt including hmwk.
follow my study time table.
uhm.let my inner nerd shine.
oh n b a garang senior la.
nt so garang la.
i ll still b friendly.
bt they wont so berani 2 mess arnd la.
i feel so smgt nw.

i've decided tht aftr i gt result 4 pmr..
im gna watch national treasure 2.
evn tho i didnt watch d 1st 1..
ala cincai la.
i wna watch.
that is if i get 8as la.

if i dont..
im gna go eat ice cream.
than pierce again.
than go watch movie.
yay! =D

im so gay.
might as well go.
btw,wts ur new year resolution?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



sory didnt blog long time dy.

went cameron n pangkor d othr day.
bt sadly it rained d whole day at pangkor.
so cldnt take pic by d beach.
cameron pun hujan evyday.
bt funny thg ws whn we wanted 2 blah frm cameron,it was sunny.
freaking sunny.
i cldnt stop laughing.

this is d boh tea centre tht we went.bout a hell of a lot of tea.

d tea plantation.seriously fresh air.

ee.cactus.wanted 2 buy bt mom x let.sob.

the view frm my room.

been playing with photoshop lately.
eh kinda syok la.

evy1 xde kat kl..
pergi sini sana..
27 dec kuar result.
i hv 2 gt 8As.
or not no band.
sob sob sob.
talking abt bnd,
d othr day ws klwmbc.
went wit shuet.
vi biase je.
iuno y.
ppl said they were gud bt iuno.
mcm normal je.
thai n indon gempak man.
asma gt 2nd place.
freaking bangga.
they oly gt a diff of 1.2 marks
frm thai,d winner.
atleast they gt 5000 dolars.
i gt 2 c d flute girl.
yay yay.
she is so tall.

i jz notice tht evn d smallest thgs will make me smile.
is tht a gud thg?
like seeing d sky is blue.
n bein able 2 hear d voice i miss so much.
must hv taken smthg i shldnt.

myspace is such a popularity contest.
am getting bored of all these popularity contest
which i ll nvr win.

i miss rumput.
my jiran cemented his grass.
so no more grass cutting.
which means no more grass sniffing.
sob sob.

watch d golden compass dy.
yay yay.
tgk dgn shuet.
i want a deamon.
a snake deamon.

k la g2g.
my dad calling 2 do ketupat.
btw,happy raye peeps!


Sunday, December 9, 2007


my family n i went to dataran merdeka 2c some warisan stuf.
saw n heard alot of stuf tht i nvr knew be4.
2 tired 2 blog.
bt i post sm pics.
we gt alot of free food.
they kept on giving.

this is d tradisional way of making d laksa mee.its kinda hard 2 explain bt d white stuff thts goin in 2 d boiling water,thts d mee.

this is dodol.i tried 2 stir it bt it was rly thick.

the long things r sumpit,its a org asli weapon.they put a thg like a needle tht has been put wit poison n blow d sumpit rly hard so tht it will hit an animal etc.d small short thg is a thg they use 2 make works.

oh..haha.this is d puzzle tht i had 2 complete.act i jz wanted 2 complete it 4 fun cz i like puzzles bt they gave me stabilo colour pencils cz i managed 2 finish it.hehe.they oso showed sm paintings frm balai seni ngr.

ok.gettin dizzy nw.chao.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

report frm camp


on sat (24/11) i went to camp.
they did it at plkn (khidmat ngr) paya indah wetland..
which s near putrajaya..n a pusat serenti..
seriously my parents thnk i hv a prob w studying.n my akhlak.
akhlak is like ur attitude.
i guess i do hv a prob wit tht.
bt 2 tel u d truth,i thnk i didnt gt nytg frm it.
except i nw noe i cn shower n dress up in 5 mins
plus 100++ nyamuk gigit.
n sum frens tht i probably wont meet again.
act d plkn place s nt bad la.
i mean i think its ok if u gt it.
i mean,masa bile lgi u gt 2 play flying fox n slip w ur frens 4 3 months?

nyway,hari ni ade bnd.
i finally noe hw 2 breathe correctly.
yay.yasmin kasi main marching euph.
its easier 2 play wit,bt harder 2 carry.
after marching w instrument,my tgn shaking.

i wna watch golden compass.
bt no money!!!!!
spent all money goin out w ling sue.
sob sob.
bored la duduk kt rumah.

starting dec i ll b starting swimming classes.
at sri inai.
i hv finished reading f4 literature!!
yay yay.
bukit kepong hvnt strt.
i dont evn wna strt it.
looks complicated.
i counted all d subjects im taking nxt year.
sob sob sob
bm bi m3 +m3 bio chem physics agm sej akauns est tasawwur
my dad wants me to take tasawwur islam.
iuno if im taking est anot.
mcm x nk je.
n akauns oso x sure yet.
since i wna be a doctor, i hv 2 take bio n all.
ee yer..
hv 2 study like mad.
i bru wna make my f4 year a honeymoon year.
hancur harapan ku.


S.H.E. COMING 2 MSIA!!!!!!!!!!!
1 dec is their concert
at stadium merdeka.
s.h.e. is a girl group frm taiwan.
d group's name stands for their name selina hebe ella.
ella is my fav.
omg she is so dasyat i mean she sings in evy song n she raps n her hair so cun n she acts n she..she..
heheh.i get carried away sometimes.

nyway im nt goin..
tickets freaking mahal plus i hv no idea wt their singing abt as they sing in chinese.
bt she so cute man..
i shall go nw 4 i thnk i hv crap long enuf.
till we meet again,dear frens!
sorry 4 d gay-ness.
looking at ella makes me hyper.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a 2 million car


i was watching a story called beyong 2mr,n some car company has created a car designed by these teens hu won a contest.
the company wanted 2 create a car 4 d future so they chose teens 2 design it n ask them wt they wanted.
the car s pretty cool.
it doesnt use a key,but some smart card tht only d owner cn use.once u enter d car n put d key card in,d car will straight away do evythg tht suits u such as d sitting position,radio station etc.u cn program it.
theres also a screen where u cn chat wit ur frens hu also hv d same car model.
d car also noes if ur a new or experienced driver.
it also will noe d speed limit at tht current place ur at.
so it will straight away put a limit so it wont let u go past d limit la.
its kinda cost 2 million.haha.
mayb it ll b cheaper in d future.

am vy bored nw.
at sch 2dy d spm candidates gt pencils n calendar frm d sch.
i rly didnt do nytg 2dy.
help my teacher do d borang 001,which is a form where i hv 2 fill in d marks.
am getting used 2 doing teachers work.she shud pay me.hehe.
d borang also has a section where u hv 2 fill d hobby n ambition of d students.
i had fun wit tht.
i put hobbies tht i noe they dont do.
like fishing,sewing..i ws gna put somethg bad like melepak but later i scrd teacher marah.
n d ambition part...hahaha.
i put petani,penyanyi..

aftr recess seriously didnt noe wt 2 do.
i found some f4 text books.
est is weird.
i read d text book n inside gt stuff like spyware...
d size of d virus vs d size of a bacterium

thn read bukit kepong.
i only managed 2 read d 1st page.
than sleep.
than wake up n looked at my maths hmwk.
serious shit i 4gt hw 2 do dy.
i ws looking at d ques n im like 'which form did i learn this?'
gud thg x throw away my books yet.
than berjalan-jalan.
saw d f5s taking pic.
yi ling s so creative.
i mean,hw she take pic.
i had a nice time looking at her take pic.

thn stared at d wall.
thn blk!
bt guess wt,my adik left me.
i met her at d canteen,n ws gna blk whn she said
'goin 2 swim wit my frens.thn goin klcc.u blk 1st'
like wt je.
if i knew i wld hv made plans myself.
n she said she ll blk at 5,at last blk at almost 8.
x kena marah pun.
whn i blk at 7 my parents so marah 1.

theres this cool website called how stuff works.
i learn alot of thgs.
like y we fall in love.
n asal usul vampire.
n hw d brain works.
n y we cant make water.
did u noe tht we fall in love 2 ensure our population continues?
at 1st i ws like kinda shocked bt there is logic 2 it.
i mean, if we dont hv interest in d opposite sex,therefor we wont fall in love.
thn 4 sure la if we dont fall in love,thn we wont do nytg wit them.
so humans also die out la.
kinda interestin rly.
oh n i learn d chemical reactions tht take place in d body whn we're in love.
our body s way complex.
d url is
my sc teacher introduced it 2 me.

k la.
im gna read on panic rooms nw.
c ya.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

days aftr pmr in 1 post (this is so me)

so long x blog.

fin pmr dy.
i feel like a bird.
bebas dy.
pity d f5 n upper 6
spm n stpm..
do ur best..

so many thgs happen.

on d last day of pmr..
d last paper fin at 9 somethg..
thn some frens n i went roller blading..
ling sue teach me once je thn i help her to teach d rest..
omg so byk kali jatuh..
but tht time x rasa sakit..
iuno y..
mayb cz i wasnt caring abt d pain..
just wanted 2 hv fun..
bt d next day aftr i woke up..
i rmbr it took me some time 2 get up..
n had to walk rly slow..

thn i rmbr had to stil go 2 sch aftr pmr cz gt robotics..
n u think i ll ponteng gile2 la..
thn pn selvi put my name in debate..
our motion was "single session sch is better thn double session sch"
jo,pepe n i were on d opposition side..
d teacher say v got alot of points compared to our oppponents..
bt our opponents delivered their points better..
so they won..
act rite,v dowan win pun..
too malas to go finals..
our motto on tht day ws to 'speak to lose'

thn we had class jamuan.
on 5/11.
as my lovely classmates x bayar yuran pun..
so i suggested to d teacher tht v buy our own food at d canteen n eat there je la.
bt she felt sory 4 us.
so she cook pasta 4 us.
so baik la.
i rmbr bein vy mls to party at 1st n i ws jz planning 2 sleep aftr i eat bt than d chinese gang make me freaking mabuk n i cldnt stop laughing.
haih.un-becoming of a cbner.

siva bersara 2dy.
siva.d siva tht ws in cbn 4 17 years.
d siva tht had such an aura tht only us cbners felt.
she ws evn in sch whn my kakak ws in sch.
wil miss her.
she tegur me whn i ws walking n drinking at d same time.
"ketua tingkatan some this hw u become a cth 2 ur classmates?"
i ws gna reply "my classmates bully me n c me as a maid" whn another teacher cm 2 talk 2 her.
oh she also tegur me whn i lost rm50.
my fren gave it to me to gv 2 teacher bt i went bnd n totally 4gt abt d money.
i jz put it undr d desk.
when i cm bck d envelope tht d money ws suppost 2 b in ws empty.
cldnt do a spotcheck as tht time blk dy.
oh n i byk kali entr office n she wld ask me to take a file 4 her undr her table or d lowest drawer.she mls wna tunduk. kenangan.
n act d longer i see her face,d more i thnk tht shes kinda pretty.

nyway bnd play d song 4 her.
act only 1 song,bt repeat 1000 times.
i mean frm d strt of her saying bye 2 teachers (all teachers,pagi n ptg..u do d counting) till she naik car n wave.
i x sempat say bb 2 her pun.
4sure she ll come bck.
cbn cnt,i mean wont,survive witout her.
i play byk wrong note..n got 1 time tersesat.
we were playing thn suddenly melody stopped.
base n perc je main.
thn we stop.
ashee ws like sape suro stop?
fara pulak say she penat.
so had 2 strt all ovr again.
like wt je kn?

they say nxt year hanizah (pk 1) will bersara.
iuno abt tht la.
bt confirm whn im f5 ann khoo will say bye.
btw nancy s taking siva's job.
like x sesuai je.
i wld rather like choo 2 take.
bt they ikut kedudukan pangkat.
norrizan nk dkt bersara,see tho pindah..
so left nancy je.
nancy doesnt sound like a disiplin teacher.
sounds more like a nanny.
d type tht wld cook u cookies n read u story books before u sleep.
n knit sweaters 4 u.
im watching 2 much drama.

fin reading harry potter 7 dy.
2 much dying.
plot not bad la.
i dont undrstnd y potter chose ginny.
i rather choose luna.
bt my fave s still prisoner of azkaban.
i love dementors.

congrats 2 hanan (naik pangkat) n sara.
may u hv happy times being org gaji.slash tht.u dont evn get gaji.

k la.
my tgn pain dy.
n i thnk my post s long enuf 2 last a few weeks.
til i write again.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

does ur name fit u?

does ur name fit u?

I: Love to laugh
R: Can kick your butt
I: Love to laugh
S: Lives life for fun
Y: Loved by everybody
H: Easy to fall in love with

B: Loves to make people laugh
C: Really easy to fall in love with
D: Is a great dancer
E: Have beautiful eyes
F: People wild and crazy adore you
G: Dont let people tell you what to do
H: Easy to fall in love with
I: Love to laugh
J: Easy to have fun with
K: Really silly
L: One of the most romantic people youknow
M: Makes dating fun
N: Good bf/gf
O: Really easy to fall in love with
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A hypocrite
R: Can kick your butt
S: Lives life for fun
T: Great Kisser
U: Gets blamed for everything
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Loved by everybody
Z: Lives life for fun

i shud b studying.
some1 faster slap me.
chao chao.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

so long x blog

it feels so long since last time update.
nthg much happen.

merdeka has past.
watched band on tv.
gempak la!
ashee n ling sue msk tv.
they played wawasan 2020,keranamu msia n tanggal 31.
when evy1 wear tht ugly baju rite,baru look nice.

i went to dataran on merdeka nite.
my dad ajak.
to see d lights.
vy pretty. =D
tpi rempit je kt situ.

oh,i went to pesta flora!
at putrajaya.
vy long time ago la.
bt bru nk post.
the arrangements of the flowers r vy interesting.
they arrange 2 make baju la..etc.

u noe wt i've been doin?
listening to s.h.e.
over n over again.
bt i hv no idea wt d hell they singing la.
cz they sing in chinese.
if u duno,they're a taiwanese group.
i like ella!!
she raps.
n d way she talks..her voice..omg.
oh n i like her hair!
i sound like wt je.

do u noe tht pmr s in another month?
n im freakin relax.
some1 shud slap me.
oh n guess wt.
yday went to this seminar motivasi.
at 8.30pm like tht start.
until 11.30pm like tht.
d ceramah nt bad la.
they tell u hw 2 study correctly.
bt i think its 2 late dy.
skrg aku dh tenat bru nk bgi ceramah.
nyway,at arnd 1.40am bru i sleep.
n u noe wt time kna bgn d nxt day?
had 2 pray at 4.30am.
than by 6.30am gt ceramah pulak.
dh la masa sembahyang pun i dh strt 2 sleep.
mase ceramah lagi la.
terus tido.
selambe gile.
bt at least i pura2 2 hear la.
bdk laki lgi best.
kuar dewan than sleep outside.
some girls plak gi buat lawatan sambil belajar.
at least me n my adik tido in d dewan. kn?
yela..sape nk dgr ceramah pagi2?
biar dia bebel sorang2

and when i gt bck frm d thing,it ws 7.45am like tht.
terus tido.
i hd 2sen at 8.30am.
bt i plan to skip.
bt of coz la my mom x kasi kn.
mmg i x bgn langsung when she gerak.
bt she noe my weakness.
"kau x bgn skrg,jgn harap aku nk kasi kau gi band"
terus bgn.
x basuh muke pun.
yg bodoh nye..bila gi 2sen,ckg xde.
so wt did i do?
lepak dgn bdk laki.
i ws d only girl.

gt international tattoo.
2day strt.if nt mistaken.
at nite la.
at stadium merdeka.
if gt bnd wna go la.

oh lupe nk citer.
masa raptai merdeka (wed) i gi.
as a helper.dgn sara.
my 1st n last time jdi helper.
mcm ape je jdi helper.
me n sara dh insaf.
2 long if i wna citer evythg.
bt d most benggang part ws when teacher left me n sara.
wt a sick junior.
ckg mcm ape je.
1st,miss S left us n said pn N akn jaga us n d kid.
d kid s a f1 girl.duno y suddenly gt sick.
so v cldnt go stadium merdeka n watch bnd.
instead v had 2 stay in stadium negara jaga bag.
sabar je la.
than whn pn N dtg,dia senang2 je ask us 2 stay while she goes 4 band.
i jz takut if suddenly d junior gt asma or watever,ape sara n i r goin 2 do?
ckg x fikir lgsung.
bt lastly me n sara n d sick girl gi gak stadium.
sbb diaorg xcukup air.
dh la i jatuh tangga.
n ws saved by one of these dancers.
tau x skrg kaki saye lebam?

act my main point of blogging s to say yg im gna stop blogging 4 awhile.
until aftr pmr la.
than party!!!!!
jgn harap nk duk rumah.
keje gi band je aftr pmr.
bahagia sial.
bdk pmr merdeka dulu bru bdk spm!!
poyo gler.

k la.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

hmm.bla bla bla.


act i vy emo nw. hmm.
nvm la.

last week i went 4 d mass bnd prac.
omg. nvr in my life i saw so many perc players.
othr sections nt so byk but perc ah..wah.
so many man.
n their cymbal so shiny =D
act i wanted 2c our cg.
they all say so gempak.
biasa je.
vy nt organised.
n d bnd look vy berserabut whn they msk padang.
going again 2mrw.
wna hear them play tanggal 31.
i think its catholic yg play gempak.

4 more pics,visit sara's bloggie.

i vy vy love my rumput la.
i cook cake 4 d rumput u noe.
it ws d rumput's bday.
i nvr cook 4 any1 be4.
tht says alot.

i think our brains r d most awesome things ever.
i mean,i wna do research on brain la.
than on d heart.
ee..d heart rite,so simple yet so complete.
i mean d system s based on somethng vy simple.
i cn read abt d brain n heart 4 hours.
got 1 time i went to a kenduri,then we went into d hse la,
then i saw tht they had a collection of medical books.
n i jz sat there n read 1 by 1.
i didnt want to go hm u noe.
it was like heaven 4me.

tamil s vy interesting la.
they talk freaking fast mcm rapping je. =D
i noe hw 2 say 'omg lipas' in tamil.
bt i say it freaking cacat la.
bt nvm la.
i told my mom n she said 'y dont u learn hw 2 say ur name ke,hw much does tht cost ke,somethng tht u cn use in daily life?'
than i said 'got a lot lipas la in this world.then when i c lipas i say it la'
oh oh oh i noe hw 2 say 'i want u 2nite' in chinese.
joanne taught me.
than i taught her bahasa arab.
bt my arab sucks.
i only remember numbers.
n some parts of d body.
4 years of learning arab n thts all i remember.

u noe wt,my taste vy cheap la.
i mean,food wise la.
i like butter n kaya bread at skul.
evytime i c d aunty sell,i do a little scream n start to jump abit.
mcm bdk2 kn?

u noe wt r my plans 4 this hols.
vy geng rite?
pmr in 1 month n 2 weeks.
gempak rite?
iuno wt else 2 say dy.
k la.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

aftr trials

so long didnt update.
was hving trials.
u noe wt,i took my trials like wt je.
i mean,dgn penuh x serius.
than my teacher say if lets say my pmr paper hilang,
they will jz take my trials results which will b vy shitty.
my fault oso la.
i will b goin 4 d bnd merdeka prac thing!!!
iuno when.but i will la.
i jz wna c formation.n meet othr ppl frm othr bnds.
oh n c cg!
they all say cg freaking gempak so nk tgk la.
guess wt..
i ate mcd at 5am.
gempak rite.

cn c rite tht i baru bgn tido?

i got d bnd nat comp 07 dy!
whn i 1st saw d cover,i started jumping.

methodist pahang freaking gempak play incantation!

way better than vi.especially d brass.

d perc part oso freaking gempak.

they only got 1 quad player.


i like asma's 'terlalu istimewa' song.

they play so nice.

n got d flute girl dancing...omg.


than their perc feature sounds like a song i pernah dgr la.


my rumput hving xm nw.

so kesian.

nvm la.rumput vy pandai.

no need study like mad la.


iuno wat 2 say dy.

til we meet again.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

feels weird..

last friday (20/07)
was d official last day of d f5 this year..
felt like crying..
i mean...
they r d 1st senior batch tht i was kinda close too..
n it feels weird thinking tht they wont b here next year...
doing formation n practicing 2gthr..
wah..bnd witout yiling n her gang...
doesnt feel like band..
but wat 2 do rite..

ira is d new president..
i agree wit d result of tht..
if she can tingkatkan prestasi cg,4 sure she can tingkatkn bnd oso..
merdeka will b her last time 2 perform as cg..
coz she will b dm..
oh n she said "i hope we can work 2gthr 4 band comp 2008"
yes..definitely i will work hard 4 tht..
but i wont play cg..will b playing euph..
coz i hv a vision 2 mantapkn d brass section..
so i want 2b apart of d brass section 4 bnd comp 08..
lagi pun if i entr bnd comp nxt year,it will b my 1st time coz
f1-wasnt in bnd yet
f2-cg x entr bnd comp
f3-cbnb didnt take part
so i will work freakin hard 4 nxt year..

im not entring merdeka..
i made a deal wit my parents..
d deal is
mom:u dont entr merdeka
dad:aftr pmr,u may go 2 bnd
me:i dont care,aftr pmr,evn during puasa i will go 2 bnd.dont harapkn me 2 blk kg if there is bnd.if bnd got nite prac or watever,im goin
dad:aiya,u sleep in d band room oso i dont care long as its aftr pmr

they sudah setuju..
so do expect me 2 cm 4 all pracs..
except if i fall sick..
man..i cant wait 4 bnd season..

i saw asma at youtube ady..
sis:y guys wear purple?so pondan-ish
me:this is asma k..
sis:like omg THEY ARE GIRLS?cm lets join their school

then my sis ask a really gud ques..
sis:*sigh*when is cbn gonna entr nat comp n b mantap like tht?
i didnt evn try 2 answer tht..

yesterday was cg audition..
nw i noe hw our last time instructor felt..
like terseksa man..
7 were chosen..
my sis,sadly,wasnt 1 of them..
i told her 2 work hard n improve her studies so tht nxt year she can entr..

ok..nw abt something thts nt band..
i juz found out tht animals get period 2..
fren:my puppy got period yesterday..
fren:u duno animals cn period oso?
me:duno la.i pernah had a pet fish do they like wear a special pad?
fren:WAHAHAHAHA....-_-....dong,they lick it k.. recycle..
fren:*thinks 4 awhile*...WAHAHAHA..irisyah,u do not fail 2 amuse me everytime..

i think im gona google abt it..if got tyme la..

transformers if freaking gempak!!!
better than harry potter 10000000000000000 times..
me heart bumblebee.
alala.hes so cute.

k.better stop crapping nw.
till i find something amusing to crap abt.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

harry potter was a drag.
i meant d movie.
my fren fell asleep during d movie.
n whenever me n my sis saw 'he hu shall not b named', we laugh man.
i duno y but it seems like potter lost his touch.
coming frm me hu's a potter fan.

trials in less than 2 weeks.
i seriously will suffer.
n i wna join merdeka.
thats like asking to get killed.
but i cant join.
im not ready 4 pmr.
lain la if im like a total smarty pants than i wld enter merdeka n christine wont be so tension.

y do i hv 2 get my hopes wayyyyyy high?
it hurts like mad when i fall.

boo hoo hoo.
was caught looking at a book during agama test.
d teacher was like 'u think i cannot c ke?'
it shows im so not prepared 4 pmr.

i miss heroes.
my sylar.
n peter *hot* petrelli. =D

u noe wat..
i found out when i get tension,
i talk ultra fast n not 2 mention its complete rubbish.
n d mangsa 2 hear me crap is always savi.

jo bullies me.
i bully her too.
we like had 2 do a survey 2day abt bully,
n d 1st ques was 'how many times did u call ur friend a name? (in this past week)'
tht ques was seriously dong-ish.
jo was like 'u better answer more than 5 times.'
so i did.
tht person 4sure think im a bullier or something.

oh.n i juz want 2 say :
WATEVER PEOPLE SAY I AM,THATS WAT IM NOT. *quoted frm arctic monkeys*


Friday, July 6, 2007


didnt on9 4 sometime.
was too lazy.
n nthg much happened.

be4 tht went to cheer didnt win.

rowena said xavier this year drop like mad.num 14.be4 this the lowest num they got was num 5.

d wind orchestra was nice.d songs were agak berjela-jela but nvm la.d conductors were damn smart.oh n d lower brass.priceless.if we hv tht type of players in lower brass we ll b damn mantap.

1st place n best conductor was sultan alam shah. ahem ahem ahem.

comel la diaorg.

k la.duno wat 2 write ady.


i sound dead la.

mayb coz of d stupid trials in a few weeks.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

dunno wat 2 say ady

"plz stop this type of attitude if u want d band to succeed."

today mr koh came to band prac.i knew he was really disappointed.he said d teacher told him late abt our prac during hols."i canceled my othr session wit another school 2 come to cbn.n c d amount of ppl tht came to bnd."
than he went on talking abt othr schools like kuen cheng n sultanah asma n etc.he said they hv more n longer prac than us n kedatangan is always 90% above.

im also vy tired 2 bnd to c only d same faces.its not fair u noe.u x pity ke ur section?if ur a senior,u x kesian ke ur junior left all alone?n if ur a junior,u x kesian ur senior came to teach u but u x dtg.

n also x kesian mr koh.he's so caring 4 d bnd n wants to c us succeed but we ourselves dont want to work.u noe wat he suggested?

"im gonna tell d teacher,if u ppl dont change especially in kehadiran,close d band.than aftr 2,3 years,start again."

i agree coz if u open back,only d semangat ones will not much problems will occur.but by d time d band reopens,i probably finish school ady.

"be more serious"

he was saying when d bnd 1st batch practiced,they were vy 6 month can play 3rd level a year can 2,3 octives ady.he also said we hv vy low standart of seniors.n by being more serious in bnd,we can save time.

"kick out d ppl tht 3 times x dtg bnd"

this is so true.i mean,when i was in koperasi we did this.i was d 1 tht suggested it coz kehadiran was so bad.

"try to get miss choo back"

f.y.i.,miss choo used to b d bnd koh said dulu not so much problems coz miss choo is vy strict.i noe coz she teaches math 4 level 2 n they say she damn garang man.

"denda if do salah"

like if u r sms-ing during bnd or something like tht,d senior can ask tht person to run d field or something like tht.he said its also good 4 stamina.

plz la cm 4 bnd.dont b so selfish.u guys keep on 4getting convent bukit nanas band,individually unique together complete,rational unity unemosional steadfast.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

if i get 8As

if only..k?

*i'll get some money!!hehe
*get to make my family happy
*they cant say i cant cope between studies n band
*"insert othr positive stuff"


i'll probably leave mom's dream is 4 me to stop schooling at cbn.but if i stop,wat abt band?wat abt lower brass?

too tension.
cant think abt this now.
i'll juz worry aftr i get d results.


Friday, May 11, 2007

for jo/mssm wanted me 2 write abt mu.among all things.

mu won some cup.n jo happy gile.its coz cr is there.cant really write abt football.dont really watch it.but i do love miroslav klose n zidane <3

pn ann was like 'i wanna thank d bnd girls 4 doing d persembahan 4 mssm.u guys did it beautifully.'is beautiful d rite word 2 use?

i think i nvr stand as long as i did masa mssm.i think d bnd stand 4 atleast 3 hours++.haiz.made my legs pain like mad.d person oso so pandai.give speech damn long.d guy tht gave d speech is d timbalan menteri pelajaran.he shud noe tht d bnd ppl still got skool 2mrw.dh la came so late.

but tht thing finish need complain.lagi banyak complain lagi sakit hati.

ohohohoh..masa d menteri gave ucapan,d mascots came over n started 2 kacau us.i wanted 2 laugh but tahan jer la.but i couldnt tahan when there was bunyi letupan n every1 jumped.seriously i laugh like mad seeing ppl jump.wahaha..n theres this guy masa i was on d way 2 d bus kacau2 me man.he was like 'wats ur name?'i was bringing yiheng's bass drum n tht guy can still kacau2.n when i didnt reply he started playing wit d bass drum.all i said was 'eh,later my senior marah' stupid.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

i dunno wats wrong wit me =(


so long didnt update.sorrysorrysorry.

carnival cbn late on class sold ice blended.d funny part was when some of us TER-blender plastic spoons wit d ice.i hope no one chocked.

mssm rehearsal
bnd suddenly hv 2 do some march past 4 mssm (majlis sukan sekolah msia).n at d same time it clash wit d f5 f5 not entering byk junior quality oso not so good.but watever la.d weather at d stadium masa rehearsal was so hot tht it made me sleepy.whenever tht person gave time to rest,i fell asleep man.wahaha.n when i wake up i felt so mabuk.

eye on msia
nvr naik it went to titiwangsa n my dad gave money 4 me n my sis 2 ride it.we dh beratur but i change my mind.lazy doesnt look interesting.

my diagnostic marks
wahahaha.u wanna noe something?i go to 2 tuition places yet my marks still like some1 tht x go tuition.i got 3As,some Bs n some Cs.pmr in 5 more months.die die die die...

im emo..
..but i dunno y.its like somethings stopping me frm being school i juz got no energy to be happy n at home everything i c makes me pissed off.i think its a stage im going thru.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

so bz la


cbn's activities is like a time to rest.
cg did a show.omg they were so gud.made me feel so sad tht i didnt enter.went there as a n kuen cheng did persembahan too.

CBN Carnival
which is like on this sat,21st april.i think it'll b boring.blah.we'll c.

Bakat Bukit Nanas
which was 1st named as Bukit Nanas Idol,than Talent Time.i entered wit jojo (played d keyboard),ezzaratul (sang wit me),adha n farihan (dancers).we sang sway u noe.d judges said our baju rocked.hehehe.i only wear cg's uniform (d red 1).

parent-teacher-interview.which is like 2mrw.swt.i wonder wat teacher will complain about 2 my parents...

i miss band.
especially when we do marching or formation. =(
just call me semangat.
cant wait 4 vi to do tattoo.
now i hv a partner to go wit me! (my bro-in-law,hu is an old boy of vi)


Sunday, April 8, 2007

i couldnt sleep last nite..

...coz i was thinking of bnd.sigh.

went bnd cmp.of coz la supported vi.they won.but i'll blog abt bnd cmp i wanna blog abt our bnd.cbnb.if u dont wanna care abt bnd,than u no need read la.but its just my pendapat.

seniors,stop playing
we cnt forever b depending on our older seniors to cover us up.we shud also start improving our skills.dont just think becoz we hv an older senior in our section,we dont hv to play our best.try to b at d same level or even better than ur seniors.

juniors,stop dreaming
once u enter bnd,its like u've signed a contract wit come to bnd practices,to listen to ur seniors,to learn wit all ur heart,to love n care 4 d bnd.but u always break d 2 bnd than play2.x serious at all.blajar instrument as if dipaksa.if u dont like bnd,better u quit.n stop being so active in evrythng else until u no time 4 bnd.
appreciate each othr
hv u ever said thx 2 ur seniors 4 teaching u guys?no rite,coz u always anggap its mmg d seniors' job to teach u.but ur wrong.d senior can do othr things like improve herself but she choose to teach u must thx her.seniors,hv u ever said thx 2 ur juniors 4 cming 2 bnd?4 sure no coz u also anggap its her duty to come.mana tau,she got lots of prob but still managed to must appreciate each othr.

juniors must listen to wat ur seniors r saying.seniors shudn't bully juniors.

got some more.but d more i write,i get more sad.
if u want our bnd to b like vi,act like vi.their kehadiran to bnd is always 99% n above.they cm to bnd to improve themselves n not to play2.they treat each othr wit respect.they share d burden together.

Convent Bukit Nanas Band
Individually Unique Together Complete
Rational Unity Unemotional Steadfast

Thursday, April 5, 2007

y is d system so bad?


i vy x puas hati u noe.we,d f3,baru aftr sports day,baru nk catch up,suddenly we all hv 2 sit 4 d bloody diagnostik.hello,they x de hati ke?so kesian us,terutama bnd ppl,we baru nk catch up,tetibe its xm time ady.than when our marks suck,u ppl scold us.hmwk x siap,u ppl ugut wanna denda us.

u ppl r so smart.

oh,n to make things better,cg is d opening act 4 some international band thing.n guess when is it?next sat.n they practice during diagnostik week.SO UNFAIR.I WANNA CRY.sabar je la.some more they get new baju.why my nasib so malang one?

haiz.this sat is bnd cmp.gud luck 2 those tht r entering.i mcm vy mls nk go but i wanna c vi's n sji's cg.wanna c how gud they r.n i so long x dgr bagpipe.hehe.

im so blur nowadays.n im not feeling well.n i dunno if i shud use d bnd money to buy bag,clothes,keep it or bayar hutang?haizzzzzzzzzzz.2day 1st time eat korea food.its so nice man.but d kimchi make me sakit perut la.n d tea makes me dizzy.besides tht all nice la. =D

im so tension rite now.i want a kiss frm shin.n a hug frm yi ling.WAHAHAHA.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

oh i juz noticed i got tagged


totally my fault.

Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

1.i like talking to non-living things.. my cg flag,d trees,my bag.

2.i name everything tht i hv.. nokkie.i dunno y.

3.i MUST hv my.. a must.anything else i can live wit,but watch,nono.

4.i hv this weird habit of..
..scaring small children.they dont like me.mcm la i like them.only d vy vy VY cute ones i layan.or when im hving pms.

5.i find guys hu hv girlfriends..
..hotter than those tht dont hv.i dunno scares me thru.

6.i love smelling the grass. ;)

A for Age : 14+ going 15 soon
B for Brains : i spend my free time reading abt them.vy interesting.
C for Childhood memories : in canada. =D
D for Drama addiction : a few.hehe.but not tht addicted.
E for Eating habits : eat whenever i want to.even if its 3am.
F for Fun : fun?running around like an idiot n calling ppl to join u. ;)
G for Greatest treasure : myself.
H for Hometown : kedah n perlis.
I for Idiot : d person next to la.
J for Jams : eat them wit toast.yummy.
K for Kelantan or Kuantan? : i choose kentucky.
L for Lesbian : i noe 1.
M for Moustache : i find them menggelikan.
N for Nanny : isnt tht a story?
O for Obsession : my obsessions r my weakness.
P for Pink : i cant stand pink.
Q for Queing : is d time i think differently.
R for Regrets : hv a few.
S for Screaming : masa tension,scream in d water.vy memuaskn.
T for Teens : im a teen.i
U for Untidy : which is totally me.
V for Vain : im too shy to b vain.
W for Was stupid : im trying to b
X for Xmas : i find xmas amusing.
Y for Yarns : apa tu?
Z for Zodiac : gemini

im i dunno hu 2 tag.

26/3/07 until 31/3/07

hello.this week vy tiring.

monday to wednesday...
practice band as usual.sports day is juz around d corner so no time to play2 ady.went tuition aftr tht.

raptai at kg pandan.d last day be4 sports day.semua mula takut.wahaha.than at night my sis turns to a wife.i mean,she nikah tht all teary.must c her now as some1's wife,not my sis anymore. =(

d day band members hv been spending our days under d sun 4.sports day.ppl say we r ok.but i dont trust opinions given by fellow students has they tend to lie to make us feel i asked my family members.they wont lie 1 as they dont really support band.

"music not so good.formation agak cacat.y masa static song cg at d back?couldnt c wat u guys were doing.nampak mcm main2 at d least ur baju is pretty"

band's clothes.farah as d's clothes is diff,k.

haiz. sis' like gila2 2 make it successful.gud thing nthg went wrong.every1 was ok.

oh yeah n did i tell u i spent my free time this week n last week watching princess hours?d korean drama is showing at 8tv but coz amalina has d cd (amalina,i love u SO MUCH!!) so i noe wats gonna happen ady.hehehe.

sape yg x tgk vy rugi la.some more HOW CLD U NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH JOO JI HOON?he is so menggoda.

oh n got ppl like Yul too,which is actually Kim Jung Hoon.but he looks so baik.i go 4 d bad boy type.wahaha.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

blogging 3 days of events in 1

wahahaha.typical me. =D
day 1 - Thursday,15 March

no band took d chance to catch up on kerja khusus.went kl library wit was my 1st time k n i tot it was heaven as so many books were there!went high seeing all those books!kesian farah thru,she had to wait for me as i chose which books i wanted to borrow.

than we went to d muzium.seriously.tht experience was totally lol-able.frm d kl sentral lrt station,we walked thru Hilton than crossed all these were looking at us but we didnt care.all for sejarah folio.met wit hanan n sarah in d muzium.bla bla bla..than by d time we finished we had 2 rush coz farah's tuition started at naik teksi (farah blanje since it was raining) to kl sentral than went to pasar seni where farah ran to her tuition n i stayed back to meet some1.bla bla bla.went to nasional library but not many books read magazines until felt like wanted to slept.went home.


2nd day - Friday,16 March

didnt do anything in the morning.went tuition frm 5.30pm til the time i went home was totally pening.sarah,u missed alot for sejarah.i entered sejarah n juz lol looking at d notes teacher wrote on the board.these were some of the stuff.

wahaha,like my nightmare

aftr getting back home,i rushed like mad to go to pwtc to meet my older sis was involved in this pidato antarabangsa where ppl frm 24 countries (including malaysia) took part in this pidato which was in was kinda funny hearing all these ppl talk bahasa baku.they showed this event in TV1 i think.i wanted to watch but i had band n tuition!haiz.wat 2 do.malaysia got 2nd.1st was russia i think.3rd was korea.i got 2 take a pic wit d korea guy who i found out later was named an min suk.he has a malay name (given by his lecture) which is amin.he is SOOOOOOOOOO tall.or is it im short? =(

yeah,hes wearing bju melayu

we spent d nite at legend hotel.slept at 3am coz promised myself i do some hmwk.semangat rite?

some legend hotel statues


day 3 - Saturday,17 March

woke up very early for a 7.45 was all dressed up for eating breakfast.i totally spoiled myself.all d stuff there was normal but wat made me totally cair was d waffles!!!omg omg ohmigod..d waffles rite,were really thin n crispy.shaped as hearts.u can put honey,maple syrup,whipped cream,some fruits n blueberry jem.i put everything except honey.wah,taste like heaven.=D


ok..done posting.till we meet again.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007



"did u ever get d feeling like u like some1,more than a fren?i mean,i guess u can say u hv a crush on tht certain some1.wat do u do?"

juz shut these feelings away n deny everything?or go for it n tell tht person? hurts.thts y ppl say 'i fall in love'.when u fall,it normally hurts.

n dont u just hate tht ur secretly waiting for tht person 2 cm but denying it when some1 asks?n u get all red n shy when tht person talks or even just looks at u?

dont u juz hate cupid?

dont get d wrong not in love or anything.but this is wat i've been hearing for quite some time frm my friends.rather annoying to tell u d truth.

a penny for ur thought.


Monday, March 12, 2007

saya dibuli =(


juz got back frm 2nd bnd practice during hols.yes,we hv bnd during hols.i was suppost 2 go hm early but coz d seniors x kasi so watever la.

act,i didnt mind tht part.i love dont care la.wat made me feel really sad was tht coz ppl in d section dont really wanna practice.when i want to teach them they give excuses.very stupid excuses too.dunno whether to kick them or cry.haiz.these type of ppl ah..seriously dunno wat 2 do abt them.any little excuse they wld use to skip bnd.stupid excuse also they use.hello,if u r so tired n hv 2 many probs until cannot continue in bnd,then i rather u quit.daripada u cm 4 bnd but not practice.i can cari a pengganti 4 u,dont worry.

then when got senior ask wats d prob n i told them,d seniors go hv a talk wit tht person i think tht person hate me.

another thing i was really pissed off was when we did formation.i noe yl call u ppl to do d marker thing but how long did it take?n when u guys cm back,i had to susun u guys.waste more of my time.than when i put u at ur place,u judge me n say i susun salah.if ur so pandai,go ahead la.i would happily give d paper to u n u susun la 4 every1.

but im also so baik,i juz let them bully me.i was thinking tht i hv no power to scold them as i dont hv any jawatan.i oso dunno wat 2 do already.

to those ppl ah,i dont care abt u.i mean,i will help u if ur willing to bekerjasama wit every1.if u r being such a brat,such a weak person as in sikit2 penat,do urself la.u dont respect me so dont dream i will respect u.juz coz we beza sikit je doesnt mean u can do watever u want.juz wait till u f5 n c how ur junior treat u.i bet 1000 times worse than how u treat me.that baru u rasai wat i went thru.

blah.vy emo now.chao.

Saturday, March 10, 2007



new bloggie.wahaha.i've been wanting to change for awhile now.just got d chance.

changes r good in one's life.we cant stay d same'll b boring.n we'll nvr grow up.

like take arvil.she started as a real tomboy n ended as a girly.abit la.but she took a chance n changed.n now she looks better.blond,but ok la.

nthg else to talk talked abt arvil.lame,i noe.

oh yeah,talent n jo taking part.we hv playing singing.just d tought of it scares me. =(