Saturday, May 12, 2007

if i get 8As

if only..k?

*i'll get some money!!hehe
*get to make my family happy
*they cant say i cant cope between studies n band
*"insert othr positive stuff"


i'll probably leave mom's dream is 4 me to stop schooling at cbn.but if i stop,wat abt band?wat abt lower brass?

too tension.
cant think abt this now.
i'll juz worry aftr i get d results.


Friday, May 11, 2007

for jo/mssm wanted me 2 write abt mu.among all things.

mu won some cup.n jo happy gile.its coz cr is there.cant really write abt football.dont really watch it.but i do love miroslav klose n zidane <3

pn ann was like 'i wanna thank d bnd girls 4 doing d persembahan 4 mssm.u guys did it beautifully.'is beautiful d rite word 2 use?

i think i nvr stand as long as i did masa mssm.i think d bnd stand 4 atleast 3 hours++.haiz.made my legs pain like mad.d person oso so pandai.give speech damn long.d guy tht gave d speech is d timbalan menteri pelajaran.he shud noe tht d bnd ppl still got skool 2mrw.dh la came so late.

but tht thing finish need complain.lagi banyak complain lagi sakit hati.

ohohohoh..masa d menteri gave ucapan,d mascots came over n started 2 kacau us.i wanted 2 laugh but tahan jer la.but i couldnt tahan when there was bunyi letupan n every1 jumped.seriously i laugh like mad seeing ppl jump.wahaha..n theres this guy masa i was on d way 2 d bus kacau2 me man.he was like 'wats ur name?'i was bringing yiheng's bass drum n tht guy can still kacau2.n when i didnt reply he started playing wit d bass drum.all i said was 'eh,later my senior marah' stupid.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

i dunno wats wrong wit me =(


so long didnt update.sorrysorrysorry.

carnival cbn late on class sold ice blended.d funny part was when some of us TER-blender plastic spoons wit d ice.i hope no one chocked.

mssm rehearsal
bnd suddenly hv 2 do some march past 4 mssm (majlis sukan sekolah msia).n at d same time it clash wit d f5 f5 not entering byk junior quality oso not so good.but watever la.d weather at d stadium masa rehearsal was so hot tht it made me sleepy.whenever tht person gave time to rest,i fell asleep man.wahaha.n when i wake up i felt so mabuk.

eye on msia
nvr naik it went to titiwangsa n my dad gave money 4 me n my sis 2 ride it.we dh beratur but i change my mind.lazy doesnt look interesting.

my diagnostic marks
wahahaha.u wanna noe something?i go to 2 tuition places yet my marks still like some1 tht x go tuition.i got 3As,some Bs n some Cs.pmr in 5 more months.die die die die...

im emo..
..but i dunno y.its like somethings stopping me frm being school i juz got no energy to be happy n at home everything i c makes me pissed off.i think its a stage im going thru.