Friday, March 14, 2008

omg haha


i cant believe this blog is still so d type of person tht will be semangat for some time than d semangat bla.sob.

im nt in cbn nymore.
sad kn?
i got a letter saying my application to go to sekolah berasrama penuh (sbp) was accepted.
at 1st i ws kinda ok wit it.saying bye to cbn n all.i didnt cry like i tot i would.
bt aftr tht rite,at tht sch..
i felt so sad.i mis evythg n evy1.i mis my frens,band,aftr sch activities,tuition,my class,my table..sob sob..and to think i used to complain bout these things..

goin 2 tht asrama act makes me realize tht i shud cherish wtever i hv at tht moment n not let it go bru feel sad n all.i mean,i admit,as much as i love band,i always wanted to i mis band so much.sob.i dont think i can even make it to band comp.sad rite?

n u noe wt,if given d choice mayb i wld go bck to i thnk i hv a brighter future there.not to say by goin there i would gt straight a or tht bt by going there it opens doors 4 me.which is smtg tht i noe cbn cant really do.

so i've been crying lately.cause like it or not,i hv 2 accept the fact tht i cant go bck to cbn.i hv to let go.and letting go is the hardest was an important chapter in my life.i wil always love it more than tht new school.

inform me on wats happening at cbn k.

as 4 tht new sch,i enter debate there.was best speaker twice.haha.i was laughing when i got tht my team lost in finals.nvm la.sports day is coming up soon.and so is hari anugerah.u noe wat on hari anugerah the school will be open so outsiders can come n c.wna come?the sch is at jln kolam air kl and NOT AT CYBERJAYA.ala its near the mall.jz used d lrt n stop at pwtc.haha.act rite if i wna fly from tht sch oso damn easy.haha.

hey ppl u guys shud keep in touch wit me taw.send letters to me or email ke.watever la.i cn email there bt it'll b quite slow 4 me to reply.keep in touch!!

email :
address- SM Sains Seri Puteri Jalan Kolam Air 51200 KL.
write my name with my house and class taw like this:

Irisyah Ibrahim, 4 Adioda, Oncidium 1

im so bored there so ur letters would save me.haha.
k la wei.duno wt 2 write dy.
oh btw results 4 spm n stpm came out dy.congrats to all n 4 those tht didnt get wt they worked 4,well atleast its over.g luck 4 those sitting pmr,spm n stpm this year aite?do ur sitting spm nxt year.i feel so

will write again in may!! ( i hope la)