Thursday, December 20, 2007

new year resolution


my cousin cm to my hse 4 raye.
n she has a son tht jz passed his spm.
so my bro,hu works in d ministry of education said tht
est will nt b in d syllabus soon.
he said tht mayb they're gna replace with sm space stuff. is interesting n all bt me no likey.
joanne likes it thru.gud 4 her la.
my bro is working rly hard 2 send me 2 these schools..
seri putri at putrajaya or integrasi gombak at.. well gombak la.
i want asma bt he said asma is an elit school 4 kedah ppl so normally they take kedah ppl oly.
this is like so sad.
kedah is like my kg.sob sob.
nyway,if i get 8as most probably nt staying cbn.
i ll cm 4 bnd comp n sports day .
if cn la.
seri putri gt bnd bt concert oly.
i think rite if i do enter a new school n i enter their band,
i wna play perc la.dowan 2 play tiup2 instrument dy.
gt breathing probs.

its nt far frm d new year.
normally evy year aftr hari membina azam sm teacher will force us to do some azam 4 d year.
normally d azam we do is kinda fake cz we have 2 read infront of class.
"be a gud anak,get gud result,be gud student..blah blah"
my azam ws 2 make m'sia a cleaner country n world peace.
i tot this year i wanted 2 do it earlier la.
i've been thinking alot abt wt were d thgs i did wrong in d past.
like whn in f2,bnd fin at 4pm.
so aftr recess masuk class.
sume bdk bnd kinda sit in d back except me.
so they all tido je bt i had 2 pura2 listen 2 teacher.
thn i cldnt tahan so i ask my fren 2 wake me up if lets say smtg happen.
aftr sm time i felt kinda guilty.
so i appologize 2 my teacher.
she ws so kind.
"ala ckg tau irisyah penat.nvm la."
n 2 thnk tht she wld ask me 2 lari padang or smtg.
im such a teachers' pet. =D

my azam 4 nxt year is to study atleast an hour a day.
nt including hmwk.
follow my study time table.
uhm.let my inner nerd shine.
oh n b a garang senior la.
nt so garang la.
i ll still b friendly.
bt they wont so berani 2 mess arnd la.
i feel so smgt nw.

i've decided tht aftr i gt result 4 pmr..
im gna watch national treasure 2.
evn tho i didnt watch d 1st 1..
ala cincai la.
i wna watch.
that is if i get 8as la.

if i dont..
im gna go eat ice cream.
than pierce again.
than go watch movie.
yay! =D

im so gay.
might as well go.
btw,wts ur new year resolution?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



sory didnt blog long time dy.

went cameron n pangkor d othr day.
bt sadly it rained d whole day at pangkor.
so cldnt take pic by d beach.
cameron pun hujan evyday.
bt funny thg ws whn we wanted 2 blah frm cameron,it was sunny.
freaking sunny.
i cldnt stop laughing.

this is d boh tea centre tht we went.bout a hell of a lot of tea.

d tea plantation.seriously fresh air.

ee.cactus.wanted 2 buy bt mom x let.sob.

the view frm my room.

been playing with photoshop lately.
eh kinda syok la.

evy1 xde kat kl..
pergi sini sana..
27 dec kuar result.
i hv 2 gt 8As.
or not no band.
sob sob sob.
talking abt bnd,
d othr day ws klwmbc.
went wit shuet.
vi biase je.
iuno y.
ppl said they were gud bt iuno.
mcm normal je.
thai n indon gempak man.
asma gt 2nd place.
freaking bangga.
they oly gt a diff of 1.2 marks
frm thai,d winner.
atleast they gt 5000 dolars.
i gt 2 c d flute girl.
yay yay.
she is so tall.

i jz notice tht evn d smallest thgs will make me smile.
is tht a gud thg?
like seeing d sky is blue.
n bein able 2 hear d voice i miss so much.
must hv taken smthg i shldnt.

myspace is such a popularity contest.
am getting bored of all these popularity contest
which i ll nvr win.

i miss rumput.
my jiran cemented his grass.
so no more grass cutting.
which means no more grass sniffing.
sob sob.

watch d golden compass dy.
yay yay.
tgk dgn shuet.
i want a deamon.
a snake deamon.

k la g2g.
my dad calling 2 do ketupat.
btw,happy raye peeps!


Sunday, December 9, 2007


my family n i went to dataran merdeka 2c some warisan stuf.
saw n heard alot of stuf tht i nvr knew be4.
2 tired 2 blog.
bt i post sm pics.
we gt alot of free food.
they kept on giving.

this is d tradisional way of making d laksa mee.its kinda hard 2 explain bt d white stuff thts goin in 2 d boiling water,thts d mee.

this is dodol.i tried 2 stir it bt it was rly thick.

the long things r sumpit,its a org asli weapon.they put a thg like a needle tht has been put wit poison n blow d sumpit rly hard so tht it will hit an animal etc.d small short thg is a thg they use 2 make works.

oh..haha.this is d puzzle tht i had 2 complete.act i jz wanted 2 complete it 4 fun cz i like puzzles bt they gave me stabilo colour pencils cz i managed 2 finish it.hehe.they oso showed sm paintings frm balai seni ngr.

ok.gettin dizzy nw.chao.