Wednesday, April 18, 2007

so bz la


cbn's activities is like a time to rest.
cg did a show.omg they were so gud.made me feel so sad tht i didnt enter.went there as a n kuen cheng did persembahan too.

CBN Carnival
which is like on this sat,21st april.i think it'll b boring.blah.we'll c.

Bakat Bukit Nanas
which was 1st named as Bukit Nanas Idol,than Talent Time.i entered wit jojo (played d keyboard),ezzaratul (sang wit me),adha n farihan (dancers).we sang sway u noe.d judges said our baju rocked.hehehe.i only wear cg's uniform (d red 1).

parent-teacher-interview.which is like 2mrw.swt.i wonder wat teacher will complain about 2 my parents...

i miss band.
especially when we do marching or formation. =(
just call me semangat.
cant wait 4 vi to do tattoo.
now i hv a partner to go wit me! (my bro-in-law,hu is an old boy of vi)


Sunday, April 8, 2007

i couldnt sleep last nite..

...coz i was thinking of bnd.sigh.

went bnd cmp.of coz la supported vi.they won.but i'll blog abt bnd cmp i wanna blog abt our bnd.cbnb.if u dont wanna care abt bnd,than u no need read la.but its just my pendapat.

seniors,stop playing
we cnt forever b depending on our older seniors to cover us up.we shud also start improving our skills.dont just think becoz we hv an older senior in our section,we dont hv to play our best.try to b at d same level or even better than ur seniors.

juniors,stop dreaming
once u enter bnd,its like u've signed a contract wit come to bnd practices,to listen to ur seniors,to learn wit all ur heart,to love n care 4 d bnd.but u always break d 2 bnd than play2.x serious at all.blajar instrument as if dipaksa.if u dont like bnd,better u quit.n stop being so active in evrythng else until u no time 4 bnd.
appreciate each othr
hv u ever said thx 2 ur seniors 4 teaching u guys?no rite,coz u always anggap its mmg d seniors' job to teach u.but ur wrong.d senior can do othr things like improve herself but she choose to teach u must thx her.seniors,hv u ever said thx 2 ur juniors 4 cming 2 bnd?4 sure no coz u also anggap its her duty to come.mana tau,she got lots of prob but still managed to must appreciate each othr.

juniors must listen to wat ur seniors r saying.seniors shudn't bully juniors.

got some more.but d more i write,i get more sad.
if u want our bnd to b like vi,act like vi.their kehadiran to bnd is always 99% n above.they cm to bnd to improve themselves n not to play2.they treat each othr wit respect.they share d burden together.

Convent Bukit Nanas Band
Individually Unique Together Complete
Rational Unity Unemotional Steadfast

Thursday, April 5, 2007

y is d system so bad?


i vy x puas hati u noe.we,d f3,baru aftr sports day,baru nk catch up,suddenly we all hv 2 sit 4 d bloody diagnostik.hello,they x de hati ke?so kesian us,terutama bnd ppl,we baru nk catch up,tetibe its xm time ady.than when our marks suck,u ppl scold us.hmwk x siap,u ppl ugut wanna denda us.

u ppl r so smart.

oh,n to make things better,cg is d opening act 4 some international band thing.n guess when is it?next sat.n they practice during diagnostik week.SO UNFAIR.I WANNA CRY.sabar je la.some more they get new baju.why my nasib so malang one?

haiz.this sat is bnd cmp.gud luck 2 those tht r entering.i mcm vy mls nk go but i wanna c vi's n sji's cg.wanna c how gud they r.n i so long x dgr bagpipe.hehe.

im so blur nowadays.n im not feeling well.n i dunno if i shud use d bnd money to buy bag,clothes,keep it or bayar hutang?haizzzzzzzzzzz.2day 1st time eat korea food.its so nice man.but d kimchi make me sakit perut la.n d tea makes me dizzy.besides tht all nice la. =D

im so tension rite now.i want a kiss frm shin.n a hug frm yi ling.WAHAHAHA.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

oh i juz noticed i got tagged


totally my fault.

Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

1.i like talking to non-living things.. my cg flag,d trees,my bag.

2.i name everything tht i hv.. nokkie.i dunno y.

3.i MUST hv my.. a must.anything else i can live wit,but watch,nono.

4.i hv this weird habit of..
..scaring small children.they dont like me.mcm la i like them.only d vy vy VY cute ones i layan.or when im hving pms.

5.i find guys hu hv girlfriends..
..hotter than those tht dont hv.i dunno scares me thru.

6.i love smelling the grass. ;)

A for Age : 14+ going 15 soon
B for Brains : i spend my free time reading abt them.vy interesting.
C for Childhood memories : in canada. =D
D for Drama addiction : a few.hehe.but not tht addicted.
E for Eating habits : eat whenever i want to.even if its 3am.
F for Fun : fun?running around like an idiot n calling ppl to join u. ;)
G for Greatest treasure : myself.
H for Hometown : kedah n perlis.
I for Idiot : d person next to la.
J for Jams : eat them wit toast.yummy.
K for Kelantan or Kuantan? : i choose kentucky.
L for Lesbian : i noe 1.
M for Moustache : i find them menggelikan.
N for Nanny : isnt tht a story?
O for Obsession : my obsessions r my weakness.
P for Pink : i cant stand pink.
Q for Queing : is d time i think differently.
R for Regrets : hv a few.
S for Screaming : masa tension,scream in d water.vy memuaskn.
T for Teens : im a teen.i
U for Untidy : which is totally me.
V for Vain : im too shy to b vain.
W for Was stupid : im trying to b
X for Xmas : i find xmas amusing.
Y for Yarns : apa tu?
Z for Zodiac : gemini

im i dunno hu 2 tag.

26/3/07 until 31/3/07

hello.this week vy tiring.

monday to wednesday...
practice band as usual.sports day is juz around d corner so no time to play2 ady.went tuition aftr tht.

raptai at kg pandan.d last day be4 sports day.semua mula takut.wahaha.than at night my sis turns to a wife.i mean,she nikah tht all teary.must c her now as some1's wife,not my sis anymore. =(

d day band members hv been spending our days under d sun 4.sports day.ppl say we r ok.but i dont trust opinions given by fellow students has they tend to lie to make us feel i asked my family members.they wont lie 1 as they dont really support band.

"music not so good.formation agak cacat.y masa static song cg at d back?couldnt c wat u guys were doing.nampak mcm main2 at d least ur baju is pretty"

band's clothes.farah as d's clothes is diff,k.

haiz. sis' like gila2 2 make it successful.gud thing nthg went wrong.every1 was ok.

oh yeah n did i tell u i spent my free time this week n last week watching princess hours?d korean drama is showing at 8tv but coz amalina has d cd (amalina,i love u SO MUCH!!) so i noe wats gonna happen ady.hehehe.

sape yg x tgk vy rugi la.some more HOW CLD U NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH JOO JI HOON?he is so menggoda.

oh n got ppl like Yul too,which is actually Kim Jung Hoon.but he looks so baik.i go 4 d bad boy type.wahaha.