Saturday, October 4, 2008

sory 4 being quite 4 2 long

lame gler x update.

life has been ok.
i thnk.
this year dh gi 2 countries.
thai n aussie.
thai was for an english-science camp.
i went to aussie 4 homestay program.

wit thai buddies =)

in front of dreamworld at aussie. d whole malaysian crew. haha.

my class in aussie.vy international.haha. =)

with farah hani,the girl who has the same foster family w me at aussie.

so many probs in life.
xm next week.
final plak tu.
omg.nxt year i ll finish school.
god.feel so bloody old.

was supposed to finish studying for finals.
yeah rite.
act spend my time going ere n there.
eating this n that.
experiencing this n that.

raye ws ok.
didnt rly go much places.
tah.this year org mcm mls nk raye.
i didnt rly hv d mood myself.
haha.guess too much probs.

raya!! l-r:ilyana,irisyah,izza

sape x bace twilight series lgi, gi bace.
cun gler =)
kalah harry potter.
movie coming out soon.
my beloved cedric diggory acting as edward cullen.
cun cun.
l-r:twilight,new moon,eclipse,breaking dawn

edward n bella
i act experienced wt it felt like to hv a 'org ke-3' in my relationship.
not nice.
felt vy stress.
evn whn im not doing nytg w d org ke-3,jz talking to that person made me felt like i sdg curang.
life is upside-down now.
suits me,i gues.

had an outing w my sisters.
it ws rly fun.
went ts.
watched mamma mia.
we were like practically singing to evy song.
abba rules!
thn we ate sushi.
yum yum.
am addicted to sushi nowadays.

enjoying sushi. haha. l-r:irisy,izza

ilyana w tempura.haha.

hv 2 go bck to my sch.
will try to tel thgs in detail,k?

Saturday, June 7, 2008


i got a tattoo.
but be4 tht.

this is my fren,munirah posing with my foot.
now my foot k dy.


i went to see them on friday.

act i wanted to hear their songs but they jz did formation when i came. jodoh.

bt i get 2 meet my old frens.

nice.mis band.

i did my tattoo at sg wang.

its temporary la.duh.

bt cn last 4 3 months.

this is wt d girl say la.

we shall see.


its a dragon.

i act wanted another 1 bt got technical probs.

nvm i still like it =)


i look like d odd 1 rite between my sisters rite?



going bck to asrama dy.

pray tht i gt to go band comp!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

past life


was cleaning up my closet.
seriously it was like looking back at my past.
with the old clothes tht used to b so cun but now i wont b caught dead in..
and d sch mags..
and letters frm ppl of my past who i dont rly contact anymore..
i miss alot of stuf.. my fren faiqah frm standard 6.
she had to bla when we started f1 coz she cant go to afternoon session sch.
no transport.
it was rly cun.
we send letters to each other.
we were in diff classes.
n it was rly hard to keep in touch cz we dont go to recess 2gtr.
plus she goes bck early.
so we sent letters to each other.
we wld put a letter under d desk when we replied.
arnd 1 letter a week..or whenever we were free.
haha.damn cun.

nyway wt i rly wanted to write today was abt changing.
hw ppl we change,whether we like it or not.
we change physically,mentally,emotionally.
wat we want,wat we need.
wat we luv,wat we hate.

by d end of d day,
who r we actually?

sorry..been thinking alot lately.
abt little thgs in life.
its rly hard 4 me to let go of thgs..
esp thgs tht r rly meaningful to me.
thgs tht i cherish.

mis my cbn life.
bdk bnd sume dh gelap.
haha n im getting fairer.
seriously i mis my bnd life.
my hols r like so empty...
wah..i miss my euph..sob sob..
2mrw start bnd camp.
seriously u guys shud enjoy it while u cn.

my koko life finish already.
debate has ended.
so iuno wt else to do.
ppl arnd me r studying their butts off.
bluek.dowan study.
seriously u shud c me in tht sch.
haha.i've become worse.
seriously during prep time ppl r studying n wt am i doing?
reading a story book.
or worse,sleeping.
dont get me wrong.
i try to study.
just..when i open tht sej book..
or any academic book,4 tht matter..
my eyes will start getting heavy..
n this little voice in my head will go
"u r getting sleepy..just rest 4 a few mins"
n my will power is SO WEAK..
im so gna die.
iuno hw im gna deal w my parents when i get my results.

oh btw did u noe tht S.H.E. CM TO KLCC?
n i ws at low yatt at tht time.
by the time i came there,they bla dy.
n u noe wt..
4 a person tht loves taking pics of herself,u thought it wld b common sense.
haih nvm la.
they were there 4 a photoshot 4 canon.
serious shit i nearly screamed when my sis sms me abt it. use crying over spilled milk.

bm saya sgt teruk.
haha.sgt teruk sampai saya cakap bahasa inggeris dlm kelas bm.
sampai tahap cikgu bm cakap bi dgn saya.
dia sebenarnya memperli saya..haih.
tapi dia cikgu yg sangat cun sebab dia layan kami mcm ibu.
dgn penuh kasih sayang.

omg my bm sucks.
i hv not yet done a karangan in my new school.
last time ws in my xm.
haha cnt wait to c d result.

gud luck 4 those taking part in bnd comp.
will try coming on fri.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

hari sukan


today is a mon n i get cuti. =D
yday ws my sch's sports day.
i ws act d cheerleader 4 my hse.
then last minute i became insaf n turn 2 a QM.
wt ws i thinking?

act d sports day ws ok la.
i jadi d person tht jemput ppl to sit at their places.

im in d sch's choir!
haha.didnt noe i cld sing.
bt tht sch damn scared of cbn's choir man.
of coz la cbn kn mng.

am currently downloading youtube videos.
new hobby.
oh i went to pc fair yday!
bought a new speaker n thumb drive.

i cnt update my blog at tht sch.
sad gile.
nthg much happening.
next time i gt 2 go hm is masa cuti bln 5.
going cbn 2day!
hope 2 c u guys.

i cnt believe im act surviving asrama.
haha.smack me.
k la wei.

oh btw i've just passed a vy hard time in my life.
n im celebrating it by cutting my hair.

Friday, March 14, 2008

omg haha


i cant believe this blog is still so d type of person tht will be semangat for some time than d semangat bla.sob.

im nt in cbn nymore.
sad kn?
i got a letter saying my application to go to sekolah berasrama penuh (sbp) was accepted.
at 1st i ws kinda ok wit it.saying bye to cbn n all.i didnt cry like i tot i would.
bt aftr tht rite,at tht sch..
i felt so sad.i mis evythg n evy1.i mis my frens,band,aftr sch activities,tuition,my class,my table..sob sob..and to think i used to complain bout these things..

goin 2 tht asrama act makes me realize tht i shud cherish wtever i hv at tht moment n not let it go bru feel sad n all.i mean,i admit,as much as i love band,i always wanted to i mis band so much.sob.i dont think i can even make it to band comp.sad rite?

n u noe wt,if given d choice mayb i wld go bck to i thnk i hv a brighter future there.not to say by goin there i would gt straight a or tht bt by going there it opens doors 4 me.which is smtg tht i noe cbn cant really do.

so i've been crying lately.cause like it or not,i hv 2 accept the fact tht i cant go bck to cbn.i hv to let go.and letting go is the hardest was an important chapter in my life.i wil always love it more than tht new school.

inform me on wats happening at cbn k.

as 4 tht new sch,i enter debate there.was best speaker twice.haha.i was laughing when i got tht my team lost in finals.nvm la.sports day is coming up soon.and so is hari anugerah.u noe wat on hari anugerah the school will be open so outsiders can come n c.wna come?the sch is at jln kolam air kl and NOT AT CYBERJAYA.ala its near the mall.jz used d lrt n stop at pwtc.haha.act rite if i wna fly from tht sch oso damn easy.haha.

hey ppl u guys shud keep in touch wit me taw.send letters to me or email ke.watever la.i cn email there bt it'll b quite slow 4 me to reply.keep in touch!!

email :
address- SM Sains Seri Puteri Jalan Kolam Air 51200 KL.
write my name with my house and class taw like this:

Irisyah Ibrahim, 4 Adioda, Oncidium 1

im so bored there so ur letters would save me.haha.
k la wei.duno wt 2 write dy.
oh btw results 4 spm n stpm came out dy.congrats to all n 4 those tht didnt get wt they worked 4,well atleast its over.g luck 4 those sitting pmr,spm n stpm this year aite?do ur sitting spm nxt year.i feel so

will write again in may!! ( i hope la)