Thursday, June 7, 2007

dunno wat 2 say ady

"plz stop this type of attitude if u want d band to succeed."

today mr koh came to band prac.i knew he was really disappointed.he said d teacher told him late abt our prac during hols."i canceled my othr session wit another school 2 come to cbn.n c d amount of ppl tht came to bnd."
than he went on talking abt othr schools like kuen cheng n sultanah asma n etc.he said they hv more n longer prac than us n kedatangan is always 90% above.

im also vy tired 2 bnd to c only d same faces.its not fair u noe.u x pity ke ur section?if ur a senior,u x kesian ke ur junior left all alone?n if ur a junior,u x kesian ur senior came to teach u but u x dtg.

n also x kesian mr koh.he's so caring 4 d bnd n wants to c us succeed but we ourselves dont want to work.u noe wat he suggested?

"im gonna tell d teacher,if u ppl dont change especially in kehadiran,close d band.than aftr 2,3 years,start again."

i agree coz if u open back,only d semangat ones will not much problems will occur.but by d time d band reopens,i probably finish school ady.

"be more serious"

he was saying when d bnd 1st batch practiced,they were vy 6 month can play 3rd level a year can 2,3 octives ady.he also said we hv vy low standart of seniors.n by being more serious in bnd,we can save time.

"kick out d ppl tht 3 times x dtg bnd"

this is so true.i mean,when i was in koperasi we did this.i was d 1 tht suggested it coz kehadiran was so bad.

"try to get miss choo back"

f.y.i.,miss choo used to b d bnd koh said dulu not so much problems coz miss choo is vy strict.i noe coz she teaches math 4 level 2 n they say she damn garang man.

"denda if do salah"

like if u r sms-ing during bnd or something like tht,d senior can ask tht person to run d field or something like tht.he said its also good 4 stamina.

plz la cm 4 bnd.dont b so selfish.u guys keep on 4getting convent bukit nanas band,individually unique together complete,rational unity unemosional steadfast.