Wednesday, June 17, 2009

gosh i must score!


the saying "i MUST score 4 exams" is getting boring.
there are other finer things in life we should emphasize and cherish.
like,i don't know...enjoying people's company, for example.
in my opinion la.
i find it very stressing when people stress themselves.
relax, will you?
not obtaining the results you've been dreaming of is not the end of the world.
the end of the world would be when u did not obtain what u wanted, and gave up on it.
but..u don't have to psycho yourself because of it.
there is no need whatsoever for you to scold yourself.
instead,u should appreciate what u got, and then work to obtain better outcomes.

people stressing about their results.
no use actually stressing about it now.
it makes no difference.
except if u want to get new pimples.
am going.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my life these past few weeks packed in 1 post

hello =)
decided to blog.
sorry,am so nt in d mood 4 studying.
i dnt find it beneficial to force urself to study whn deep down u know,its just nt going to enter.
so i decided to blog instead.
well,better than sleeping in class.
so lets start with HKSBP,shall we?
it was around 2/3 weeks ago.
in grouping session, Seseri went against SDAR,Sains Machang and STJ.

Seseri (in maroon) with SDAR
(picture from k.ainah's blog)

Seseri with STJ

Seseri with Sains Machang

we won all three,making us qualified for round 2.
round 2 ws against SEMSAS.

Seseri with SEMSAS

won tht round,we went against ASIS for quaterfinals.

Seseri with ASIS

won tht too,so SESERI went against SEMSAH for semifinal rounds.

SEMSAH in action

and LOST.
so close to finals...yet so make it worst,judges actually said it was THAT close for us to win.
well..i believe we put up a good fight.
had no regrets.
did what i wanted to do..
which was to prove to everyone i could debate..
and that our debate team CAN go far..
am proud of the team.. =)
i think we did well..
our school consist of only form fours and fives..
its rather difficult to train a team..
let alone for the team to go far..
praise GOD..without HIM we wouldnt have made it that far.
of course,to everyone that helped us thru thick and thin.
our teachers..our seniors (we were touched tht even seniors frm callyx came to see our debate),
our frens,our debate team members tht did not go to HKSBP with us..just everyone!
the win isnt just for us,the debate team..but for everyone who believed in us.
thx alot!u guys rock!
i believe the team can go far in the future.
hehe.good luck finding a new 1st and 2nd speaker,allysha!
as for moony and i,our debate days are coming to an end.
HKSBP left a sweet memory for us.
we can nw 'retire' happily from debate with a smile.
thru i admit IIUM debate wasnt tht sweet (wit the losing and teammates problems), HKSBP managed to clear tht up.thx god.hoho.

our prep room.
in action! 1st speaker.

munirah (moony) as the 2nd speaker.

allysha,our 3rd speaker.and my u ll c more of her next year.i think.

enjoying our debate time.we never came out as a serious team.hoho. =)

the team that went to HKSBP 2009 at Sekolah Seri Puteri.

l-r:najihah, jannah, irisy, allysha, moony

holiday wise,i spent my hols with frens,mostly!
let me quote my mom.
"ee..tak reti duk rumah!"
well...i had enough of studying in school and i believe its complete bull to spend ur holidays locked up in ur room studying.
so i did the complete opposite..haha.
went out..watched movies..catched up with frens..smell polluted air..crossed streets and nearly got hit..the usual.. =)
hehe..may i suggest watching star trek?best..

as for my exam results...well...
i tot it would be worst..but shockingly it was ok..
well..othrs obtained better results than me..but im happy with my results.
and my sayang is actually proud of me.
and thats enough said.
tak rugi pergi blaja dgn sayang,kn?
i definitely owe u one, especially for add maths.
thanks alot!

am going to penang this friday (19/6) til sunday.
for librarian trip.
will stop by STAR.
well..if we follow the plan.
not actually looking forward to it.
but..heck,y not.
am in the mood to not look at books for a while.hehe.

k..think i better go.
chao peeps.

Friday, June 12, 2009

ws tagged

Okay, here's the rule :
Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you
must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.After that tag 7 people. next birthday
20th june =)

2. place i do or want to go
was always fascinated w d place whn i watch the korean dramas

3. favourite place
my beloved's heart

4. favourite food
dunno y, bt i always eat sushi whn i go out

5. favourite thing

6. favourite colour

dark black
7. nickname
irisy d flower
8. my love

rotiboy looks like pau2 tht ws given by my beloved

9. my hobby

10. bad habit

sleep at unapproriate class
11. wish list
not tagging ny1..whoever wants to do it la..
will update on hksbp l8r k?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ppm in a few hours.gulp.

hello =)
now its 11.36am, 28/5/09
a few more hours and we'll b on our way 2 sekolah seri puteri 4 hksbp.
im going 4 debate.
ms v, our teacher, came 2 c us.
she said kte awl2 dh xde confidence in ourselves.
we look down towards ourself.
she jz told us 2 speak more confidently.
that we have potential,that we can go far.
hari tu mase we went for help institute pun she said tht.
in our 1st round,we weren't really confident cause d opposing team looked REALLY confident with themselves.
she said she wanted to slap us when we looked so scared towards them.
oh well.she called us small mouses.
and guess wat,we won tht round.
actually,we won til octo-finals.
nk bwt cm ne?

i do admit,being a 1st speaker for the team,
i hold d responsibility of introducing the team.
i ll be the 1st impression of the team.
well..normally i don't really do a good job at tht.
i cn gv my points, tapi sometimes i gt abit scared.
biase la kan.
oh well.
will try my best to improve!
nak jdi speaker yg gempak.
by the end of the day, i just want to gv my all.
want to noe tht i've done my best,no matter wat d outcome is.
dah la it'll be my last hksbp for my school year.
no regrets,aite?

alot of people have been suggesting that i continue debate til university.
hurm.thats up for consideration.
i missed out on alot of other things that i like because of debate.
maybe i want to try something new at uni.
but i noe debate will still be apart of me.
and even tho byk gle probs i had to go through wit debate,i can say it was worth it.
i grown up to become a more mature thinker, i learn social skills which is vital for my future, and i've also learn the importance on working as a team.
not to forget all the extra info i've obtained.
like on euthanasia (the taking of someone's life when that person is critically ill) which was one of my debate topics.
heck, i've nvr evn heard of d word euthanasia before i had that debate.
well,we learn new things evyday kan?

even tho it hurt alot,i ll noe that these moments will be the things i ponder and dearly miss at the end.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

gosh sory 4 d no update

its alive!
suddenly felt like updating.

nw is teachers' day celebration at school.
debate team nt joining. biase la.
will be leaving 4 hksbp 2mrw!
preperation wise..hurm.
high expectations r placed on us.
dh la lwn sdar,sains machang n stj.
oh tidak!
going against sdar 4 the theme of sports.
3 guys against 3 girls debating on sports.
u cn most probably expect d outcome.
thru im staying positive.for now.

mid year xms r ovr.
did....ok kot.
i hpe.
results xdpt lgi.

rindu org yg dikasihi.

will update in anthr year.