Friday, April 22, 2011

random tidbits to those wanting to study at Jordan

this is just from my point of view. i've only lived in Jordan for about 7 months? so yeah.
still a newbie. absorbing things. learning.

Random tidbits on Jordan

You don't have to know Arab...
-yes, they'll talk to you in Arab like you're a local but you can take your time to learn the language, like what other people do. or you can just stick to a friend thats good in Arab and let that friend do all the talking, like what i do.

You can't trust anyone...
-this kind of applies at all places but anyway, be ready to get cheated. whether it's the taxi uncle or the person selling onions, they know no mercy. since they see you as someone who can't speak Arab+not a local = very easy to fool. you can fool them by learning some useful Arab phrases like 'Don't mess with me' etc. but make sure to practice it first so that it sounds natural.

You will be judged...
-by anyone and everyone. and also from all aspects. clothing, attitude to even who you talk to. you can choose to get all worked up from it, or ignore it. and yes, it is normal for Arabs to see you like you've grown another head.

You're not Malaysian...
-they'll normally refer you as Chinese. or Indonesian. they practically don't know Malaysia. but you'll mostly be called 'Ali Baba'. you don't want to know what it means.

Stop comparing Jordan to other countries...
-yes, their technology is way left behind. and they like to delay their work. so stop comparing them to other countries to save yourself all the heartache.

Food is nice...
-if you like oily/almost-everything-fried food. oh, and its perfectly normal to gain around 10 kilos in the first few months. if you go back to your hometown and people call you fat, just shove them a shawarma and they'll understand. hopefully.

-is like breathing to them. i think almost everyone smokes here. wait, the girls not so la but the boys, yes they smoke like their lives depend on it. so by coming+living here you are probably losing a few years of your life. on the bright side, at least you know in advance. ^^

hurm, thats all i can think for now. if i can think of anything else i'll post it.


aqilah said...
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aqilah said...
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diyanna said...

hai! :)

kalau kat indonesia, kami akan dipanggil 'Kak Ros' =.=

btw, selamat berkenalan! :D

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