Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last Day in Syria -Suq Halawiyat, snow?

yay last day! haha XD
we slept at a highland place (GAH CANT REMEMBER THE NAME) on the 3rd night in hopes of seeing snow.
we weren't disappointed! through most of the snow has melted... its still snow right? hehe.

sign of winter - no leaves at the trees

hehe stepping on snow

i think i like this image XD

i think it'll be hard to play hide-and-seek during winter

you can see some snow at the back :D
yes, VERY FEW but better than none, right?

사랑해 (saranghae)
meaning: i love you! :D
if you've watched my gf is a gumiho, you'll understand what this means XD

Second place, Suq Halawiyat!
suq means market in arab while halawiyat means sweets. you know, like kuih.

examples of halawiyat.
iuno the names of the halawiyats! sorry :D

haha. my ulasan on my trip is super crappy.
ouh well.
just see the pictures!

conclusion from trip: Syria is a must go place! seriously!

ok i'm done.
chao! :D


salsabila said...

ok fine, gamba yg ala2 my gelfren is guminho tu mmg super comel..!hahahaa

HOY HOY..^___^

Irisy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. kwn aku yg nk tgkp gbr cm tu. die bru abes tgk XD

hoy hoy XD

W M Najib said...

seronok ye main salji
selamat bercuti!

Irisy said...

najib: hehe. x main pun. sikit sgt nk main. thanks! you too! :D

khadijah said...

aku suka baju kau,aku suka baju kau,aku suka baju kau.hahaaha

makanan tu pun aku suka.sedap tak?hehe

Irisy said...

baju aku? as in winter coat tu ke? haha, my bro yg bgi XD

aku x rase plak mknn tu. lol. aku tgkp gbr je.