Tuesday, January 25, 2011

polaroid, anyone?

hurm. i'm not one of those ppl that know much about cameras.
i just like to point and shoot. simple :D
but i know some other types like dslr, semi pro and polaroid.
i've always had a slight interest in polaroids.
but sadly, i've never seen one in real life before (sad, right?)

but at syria, we met this uncle who did a business of taking polaroid pics for ppl.
cool right?
so, kteorg budak2 jakun pun amik la satu gbr :D
the pic was taken near the memorial place of Salahudin al-Ayubi.

 i think its pretty! :D
l-r (standing): bay, ain, mone, nado
l-r (sitting): echah, meng, pico, me

for those who dunno what a polaroid looks like, see below :D

model: sungmin! (SJ)

it looks something like that. u take a picture and it straight away prints out :D
quite efficient actually. a bit costly thru.
its on my list of things to buy when i work XD



thrasher. said...

dr dlu tringin nk beli ;-;
tp xde duitttttt. bile tgk adam couple pakai lagi la nk. T__T

Irisy said...

kan kan kan? huhuhuhu :(

eidasazali said...

best gle bnde tu, old skul. haha. kt jordan mne ade jual weh?